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Disasters Russian air carriers. Opportunities and solutions
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Disasters Russian air carriers. Opportunities and solutions

Disasters Russian air carriers. Opportunities and solutions


Today in Russia there are dozens of airports, and given the fact that a large number of passengers prefer to travel it is through air transport, civil aviation in the country should be developed very effectively. However, as is evident from the latest news of aviation, in particular those relating to domestic air carriers, businesses here are not as good as it could be - a part of the cities of Russia air traffic is carried out very badly in some parts of the country except on land transport in general can not be reached , thus, affects not only the carriers, but also the passengers themselves. Given the current situation, it should be noted that even countries with much less organize routes rarely operate at a loss and, therefore, is likely to affect and develop the theme of air traffic in the country.



Carriers themselves are in no hurry to advertise their problems before the complete collapse, but now and then slip the information that companies are suffering losses, with very large, the prices of airline tickets are growing, and the number of passengers is sharply reduced. Experts have repeatedly pointed out that the culprit is illiterate approach to the organization of passenger transportation on the territory of the country, and in that case, if we make the regulation of this industry, it will be possible not only to provide effective air communication between almost all towns have airports, and increase passenger traffic, increase profits airlines, etc.



A typical example of inappropriately high price of air tickets can become regular information regarding fuel consumption airliners. As you know, the majority of flights shedule country uses modern aircraft that spend a minimum amount of fuel to overcome the required distance, but despite this, prices for air travel continues to grow. If we compare the situation with the United States, there are several very interesting factors zavisemosti completely deny the enormous rise in air travel due to fuel:

  • Airfare tickets at the lowest cost, at almost equal distances different in almost half (air travel in the United States are cheaper);
  • Most American carriers use "old" aircraft that consume more fuel;
  • Workload most American flights (flights between major cities) is 70-75%.


Thus, overpriced tickets from Russian air carriers remains unjustified, although, in practice, flights, subsidized by the state, are extremely popular, even though they themselves carriers there is a real opportunity to increase their profits at the expense of reducing the price of air tickets, which sounds very paradoxical.

Another factor, aimed at increasing and improving the quality of civil air transportation in the country is the need for the development of routes between the various cities of the country, including as between remote and between closely spaced. In this case, the air will also be cheap to manage passengers during this flight for one hour, will provide much comfort of passengers, rather than a comparison with a trip to overland transport.



Competent organization of flights, in the event that will be carried out maintenance of aircraft operating on several routes, will save a year hundreds of millions of dollars, which naturally reduce the loss of air carriers.

Thus, at present the domestic airlines is increasingly not to think about the opening of new in routing, and on the development of existing ones, including this also applies to lower prices on airline tickets, and to improve the quality of services provided. It is possible that domestic carriers will be able to realize it in the near future, and will change the policy of development, but procrastination has shown that major Russian airlines do not only lose their passengers, but also suffer huge losses due to the reckless of the program for the development of its.


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Interesting article, I'm no expert, but probably agree with the author of this article. Sam try to move overseas aviaperevozschikami: the service is higher than the rossiyanskih avviakompany price tickets and more pleasant.

Heard today that the debate about the introduction of the official Russian overbukninga.Dlya passengers it will be connected with the need to spend the extra nerves, time and money to get a place on the plane, for which the passenger has already paid by buying a ticket.