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A ballistic missile-4 (Fau-2)
A ballistic missile-4 (Fau-2)

A ballistic missile-4 (Fau-2)



Work on a ballistic missile in Germany began long before World War II. The Treaty of Versailles was not clearly stated that the missiles are weapons of combat. It took advantage of this and in the defeated, but with incredible speed to strengthen its military potential of Germany.

One of the main creators of the V-2 missile was Werner von Braun. 16 April 1934 he graduated from the thesis on "Constructive, theoretical and experimental contribution to the problem of a liquid rocket." The work of the young scientist was secret, her results directly related to the creation of new weapons. During the Second World War, the rocket was completed. In 1942, trials began. Designers had to solve many problems of the technical plan, therefore among the authors of V-2 there were specialists in the field of aerodynamics, thermodynamics and combustion theory, ballistics, strength, metallurgy, etc. The first test launches were not successful: the missiles deviated from the set course, exploded at the start and On the acceleration section. But the work, despite the wartime conditions, was conducted in the most active way by the main scientific, testing, production center on the island of Usedom in Peenemünde. The German government did not spare much money for the implementation of its plans - to bring the world to its knees with the help of the latest weapons.


A ballistic missile-4 (Fau-2) photo

A ballistic missile-4 (Fau-2) photo


18 1943 night in August of Peenemunde was subjected to severe bombing raids. 600-17 aircraft in several waves passed over the top secret labs and shops, and dumped their deadly cargo - bomb caliber 500 kg. Among those killed was the chief of the center General Myo Glychinski Shamir. Another general - Chief of Staff of the Luftwaffe G. Yeshonnek - after a telephone conversation about this raid with A. Hitler shot himself.


Basic data of rocket A-4:

  • Length m 14,3

  • M diameter 1,6

  • By plumage 3,6 m

  • Weight of the equipped

  • rocket 12 900 kg

  • Engine thrust 245-307 kg

  • Fuel mixture of ethanol and liquid oxygen; the flow rate of fuel - 125 kg / s

The shelling of ballistic missiles in the UK was made up to March 27 1945 In addition to Britain, the bombing exposed the port and the city of Antwerp.
At the end of the war we were working intensively to establish a long-range ballistic missile A-10, A-9. Rocket A-10 should have hit the target at a distance of 4000 km. Rocket A-9 the end of the second stage was supposed to have a speed 3300 m / s.


A ballistic missile-4 (Fau-2) structure

A ballistic missile-4 (Fau-2) structure

After the victory of the Allies over Germany the anti-Hitler bloc got serviceable missiles, components, documentation and experts. Careful study of captured equipment has allowed to create as soon as possible domestic ballistic missile R-1 - the prototype of the German V-2. The work of German scientists to build a ballistic missile, its improvement, operational use is a clear contribution to the development of the global missile.




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