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Avro 504
Avro 504

Avro 504



United Kingdom


  • Type: Double single-engine biplane trainer

  • Crew: two pilots

During the First World War and up to 1924 years was the main training aircraft of the Royal Air Force flight of the Royal. The plane was built AVRo 504 of more than 8000 copies. Modifications A to H were designed for 1913 1917 year. Although he is best remembered as a training aircraft, the first known he won during the first months of World War I as a scout-bomber. Describes a modification 504K was commissioned in the year 1918, it differs a universal engine mount assembly, which allowed a glider equipped with any of a variety of rotating neskolksh engines.


Avro 504 photo

Avro 504 photo


Currently in the UK there are two airworthy aircraft AVRo 540K, one of which is a replica built in 1994 year. Another airworthy instance is in the US. In addition, in various museums around the world remained more 12 aircraft.

Kharkteristika Avro 504:

  • Length: 8,97 m Wingspan: 10,97 height: 3,17 m

  • Empty weight: (with the engine, "Ron») 558,38 kg Maximum take-off: 829,63 kg

  • Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 152,9 km / h

  • Range: 400 km

  • Powerplant: "Clerjus" "Ron" and "Warner Skereb"

  • Power: (engine "Ron») 110 l. from. (82,7 kW)

  • Date of first flight: 18 September 1913 years


Avro 504 scheme

Avro 504 scheme


The remaining airworthy modifications: 504J, 504K and 504N plus a replica of 504Ks

Right: While the plane is an exact replica of it was built on the original specifications of AVRo. Currently, he flies under the auspices of the Demo Team "Great War."


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