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Aerotechnics HAWK-2
Aerotechnics HAWK-2

Aerotechnics HAWK-2

"Hawk-2» UAV is a target as developed by the Bulgarian company "Air transport". This model is made by the order of the Warsaw Pact. Work on the creation of the target under the name "Hawk" began in 1972 year. In 1981, the model of unmanned target "Hawk" was sent to production. In 1983 year he was replaced by "Hawk-2». UAV control is made with ground control or autopilot. Telemetric data transmission is carried out in the form of digital or analog signals that are displayed in the command post on a TV monitor.

The target used for shooting training of SAM systems and anti-aircraft artillery. Start UAV platform is made using a small rocket booster. The complex comprises of UAV launcher platform mounted on a truck, and control systems. For maintenance of the complex operation is required 4 people. The time it takes to deploy complex to launch the UAV up to 25 minutes. Before 1990-ies produced about 1,5 thousand. Targets, most of which was sent to the USSR. Also, these systems were delivered to Iraq and India.

Аviatehnika HAWK-2. Characteristics:

Modification Hawk-2 Hawk-2MB
Wingspan, m 3.52 3.52
Length m 2.58 2.58
Height, m 0.53 0.53
Weight, kg    
payload 5.0 5.0
maximum take-off 62.50 62.50
engine's type 1 DB-AP 150SHE 1-250 PD SB
Power l..s X 1 9.6 X 1 16.50
Maximum speed km / h 190 240
Minimum speed, km / h 140 130
Radius of action, km 15 45
Practical ceiling, m 2200 2400
The minimum flight altitude, m 500 500


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