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Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"
Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"

Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"



AESTC of "Soyuz" (Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union") - the oldest Russian plant in the design and production of aircraft engines.




Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union" created by the Decree of the State Committee on Defense № 2916 18.2.1943. Order of People's Commissariat of Aviation Industry of the USSR № 118 25.2.1943 from the plant was named Pilot Plant № 300.

Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"


The plant was placed geographically at the Luzhniki Stadium on the banks of the Moscow River, the site of the plant "Orgaviaproma» № 8, transferred to Kuibyshev (now Samara). The founder and first director of the plant was AA Mikulin, who managed to convince senior officials of the need for the construction of the first prototype aircraft factory in the country "for - as noted in the GKO - supply experimental and experimental design work on the production of aircraft engines." Mikulin was an outstanding organizer and designer.

Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"

AA Mikulin


He created a team, laid the foundation techni- scientific school of "Union." A large share of labor in the creation of this school introduced BS Stechkin AESTC Union became the founder of the four aircraft engine design bureaus (Turayevo and ICD Tushino "Union", the OKB-16 Kazan and Ufa OKB-26), sending their workers for the organization, consultation and strengthening these design bureaus, which later became independent.


Complex Products


When Mikulina A. AESTC created world class turbojet engines: Aircraft M-4, Tu-16, Tu-104 - AM-3, for the Yak-25 - AM-5, AM-9 (RD-9B) - for the MiG-19, AM-11 (R11-300) - for Mig-21Lapping motor is at Tumansky S. K .. Later were built engines MiG-25 - R15B-300, subsonic cruise missiles - R95-300, for the Yak-141 - R79V-300 and so on.

Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"


All manufactured at the time the engines were the best in the world. Total now produced eighteen and forty-four basic variations of gas turbine engines. More than a hundred world records set on the aircraft with these engines.


The modern complex


At present, work AESTC "Union" focuses on three main areas: the development of gas turbine drives for gas pumps and generators, design for aircraft jet engines and the development of additional power plants.

Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"


Work is also underway designing presentation turbofan engines R127D-300 civilian use, having takeoff thrust 890 kilos and gas turbine drive GTR-0,7-300 700 kilowatt capacity.

Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"


In addition, they produced various works on design support mass production and increase the functionality of the engine type R95-300. The work on power plant with a capacity of 30 and 0,3 megawatts.




Labor, scientific and technical and operations staff AESTC "Union" is seen awarding the company the Labor Red Banner and Lenin.

Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"


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Aircraft Engine Scientific-Technical Complex "Union"


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