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Yamal Airlines
Yamal Airlines

Yamal Airlines. Official site. 


Russian airline "Yamal" was founded in 1997 year as a regular passenger air carrier that performs as domestic flights within the Russian Federation and abroad.



"Yamal" Airline copes with its responsibilities and provides extremely high-quality services for passengers, for which the air carrier and has gained its popularity. The route network of airlines that spread out over the entire territory of Russia, covering cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Anapa, Krasnodar, Simferopol, Novosibirsk, and so on. In addition, the air carrier was able to find its niche in the international air transport, carrying out flights to Antalya, Yerevan, Gothenburg and other cities of Western Europe.


Shall ensure safety

Administration of the airline "Yamal" the complex of measures concerning security, analysis and control of the safety of passengers and flight personnel during the flight. To achieve the above objectives has been formed to ensure the inspection of safety. Its activities approved in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Association of Air Transport (IATA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

According to the program analysis and flight specialists conducted the inspection of works on the prevention of accidents. Followed by conducting inspections of flight crews, flight attendants and control of equipment the passenger compartment. Inspectorate also exercises control over the maintenance of aircraft "Yamal" based in airports. Frames that make up the composition of the inspectors, have passed special training in accredited centers in Russia and abroad and have the required level of qualification. Inspection to ensure the safety of airline "Yamal" interacts with the flight information center. This structure has been monitoring the parameters of the aircraft systems, aircraft propulsion, flight crew work, etc.

Job Flight Information Centre is based on the efficient use of systems analysis and control of the operation of aircraft and the quality of execution of flights. At the heart of instrumentation systems that provide control, on-board instruments are recording flight data and ground-based centers and data analysis.

Interacting with the State center, the airline "Yamal introduced unique automated system for monitoring the quality of flight operations. Through its use we can solve the problem of safety on the highly technological and methodological level.

Flight information center and inspections to ensure the safety guides AV Yeliseyev.

Airlines Technical Base

In 2000 was state authorities of Russian civil aviation certified aircraft technical base (ATB) airline "Yamal" as a maintenance organization. This confirms the ability of ATB quality work on the repair and maintenance of aircraft. It is worth noting that in this department work as airlines experienced engineers, and the younger generation. At the present time, ATB is developing rapidly. Is instrumentation, developing ground-based equipment, employees undergo regular training.

As of mid-year 2013, fleet "Yamal" airlines consist of 29 aircraft:


In the near future the airline "Yamal" plans to expand its fleet and thereby increase the number of routes, including international destinations.


Basic data:

  • Country Airlines - Russia;

  • Engaged in the regional airline from Moscow, as well as in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

  • Year of occurrence: 1997;

  • IATA airline code: YC;

  • ICAO airline code: LLM;

  • Domestic airline code: LA;


Yamal Airlines. Official site:

Yamal Airlines - Yamal Airlines. Official site.


Contact details:


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The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) type certificate revocation for all modifications of aircraft Boeing 737 Classic and NG, operated by Russian airlines, said the RNS, a source close to one of the RNS-ekspluatantov.Istochnik companies said that "tough decision the committee could lead to a simultaneous stop of all Russian fleet Boeing 737 ». According to him, the Boeing 737 Classic there is a problem in the elevators control system.

Before the flight tried to explore how best plane possible. To put it mildly impressed by the size of me, but it took not so much time as I thought, and even after we were in a strong turbulence is nothing terrible has happened. It's amazing how such a small car easily overcomes all obstacles in its path.

As for me Yamal did no worse than most peers, and that little old aircraft is not terrible, I think, in the Soviet era technology makes much better and safer than it is now, especially considering the fact that they still have a normal summer.

Of course, if you have extra money, you can fly and another airline, but why? People here are courteous, the flight, which carried out at low altitude, can be seen through the window. In general, the beauty, and given also that money and small, so this company becomes a general standard of quality transport passengers.

Since there were very few passengers, and aircraft special sizes is different, she asked the flight attendant to allow transfer to a more convenient location. By the end of the flight noticed that most of the passengers also clung to the windows, some even photographed the flight. Of course, from this height the land looks completely different and to consider it in detail when flying another airline probably would not have succeeded.

I bought tickets at once in two directions. Both flights were delayed a maximum of five minutes, and then, due to the fact that long hauled luggage. During the flight alcohol is not offered, although I believe that it is not so much the need for airplanes. turbulёntnosti Zone passed on hurray! I was very pleased with the flight.

the plane itself is excellent, but in the course of the flight was the feeling that he or it may not gain optimal speed. It is turned "pulling" was time to turn decreased aircraft at an airport. As for me landing it was not too soft, but still pretty good.

He flies with the help of the whole family of Yamal. Rise passed almost unnoticed, only slightly shaken, but gaining altitude, the pilot leveled the machine. Flight attendants only men interested in periodically need me and the kids. Meals very good, I liked it! In the seat pocket journal and instructions for safe flight. As for me it was good. It's nice to know where such a machine the emergency exit in the event of any unforeseen circumstances!

I advised the airline "Yamal" friend. I decided to take advantage of the airline. I liked it all very much. The pilot passed the information, and we took off with it very well. Everything was just super. Stewardesses lovely and smiling. We had offers drinks as cold and hot food and magazines. During the flight, the flight attendants spoke with the passengers. Landing has passed safely, too. I like it. In'll enjoy the "Yamal" Airline future.

Flew flight YC511, in the direction of St. Petersburg --- Simferopol. Impressions were good. I flew on a Boeing 737-500, the plane is not very large and clean. Flight attendants and flight attendants were polite, attentive and sipotichnymi. On the plane were newspapers, magazines and a blanket. The food is delicious, there were hot and cold snacks. It was satisfied.