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US Airways Airline
US Airways Airline

US Airways airline. Official site.


US Airways is the fifth largest in the United States among air carriers. Since 2004 has been a full member of Star Aliance aviation alliance.

The company is currently US Airways in the composition with its subsidiaries operates the air park, with more than 600 mainline and regional aircraft.

US Airways company has its origins in 1939 year when Du Pont brothers organized a network of postal traffic. 10 years later specialization of the company has changed, and changed e-mail transport on scheduled passenger flights.

Airline US Airways plane

In 1970-1990-years of constant changes taking place in the company. These years were marked by ups and downs in US Airways operations. At one time the company provided its passengers with such a low level of service quality, which even got insulting nickname Agony Air, which translated to English means Agony Air.

Gradually, the situation has stabilized in the company. In 2000 the company management has replaced all the old model airplanes modern airliners, equipped with the latest technology. However, in connection with the attacks, blasts 11 September and the ensuing financial crisis, the company had to save on everything in order to survive in these circumstances. pension plans were canceled for certain groups of pilots who had to abandon the free meals of passengers on domestic flights. Only in 2005, the company has recovered from the financial crisis and began to establish their activities.

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First of all the company's management has tried to establish quality of service - again organized free meals passengers revised list of services provided during the trip, organized training courses stewards.

In recent years, the company's airplanes carried over 3000 flights daily and their number is constantly growing. However, passenger service is still considered one of the worst in the United States, and services provided on board during the flight, left much to be desired. There is no doubt pleased that the high level of professionalism of the pilots US Airwaysvsegda guarantee the safety of the flight.

Airline US Airways team

To date, the company's global changes occurred 2013-February was marked by the merger with American Airlines company. Such cooperation is undoubtedly a mutually beneficial and profitable operation.

Basic data:

  • Country Airlines United States.
  • One of the largest aviation companies in the US.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1939.
  • IATA airline code: US.
  • ICAO airline code: AWE.
  • Airlines is a member of the alliance: StarAlliance.


US Airways (JUS Airways). Official


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Uniforms stewardess: USAirways. USA.

Uniforms stewardess: USAirways. USA.


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Impressed that all US Airways employees are proud of what came to work in such a prestigious company. Not the slightest confusion for all time. Punctuality them above all else. As I fly often enough, and I had a conflict with a flight attendant, but I'm sure this is an isolated case in their practice of it so as much as I have not seen this person.

Flew flight from America. From a free meal for the whole road was given only drinks, but overall picture of the company remains positive. If predicted such a trip be sure to buy them a ticket.

I will try as much as possible accurately describe their impressions of the flight. Work on a solid top five pilots, the flight attendants on the quadruple-minus, and the food is so barely up to three, but that's all the positive qualities of the flight for me over. Salon disgusting! It feels like standing in a year will fly to the salon more than people could fit! City did not take the plane because of the heavy fog, but we still got the passengers were not allowed out of the salon more than two hours. Then we unloaded with things and said that anyone can get to their destination on their own! It can be done, or was in a taxi or on the train, to which the same was necessary to get a car for a very substantial money! Most people have to wait in the airport, but in a couple of hours the pilot said that the departure is definitely not, but soon will come the buses and razvezut us to the representatives of travel companies. Understand, of course, everything is possible, and bad weather conditions and the incompetence of some issues, but in such a situation did not know what to do. Now just for a long time I will not trust this airline.

Heavily hit with this airline. We ordered tickets Beijing-Shanghai, and only three hours from Beijing should fly to Moscow. As a result the flight was delayed for more than five hours. At the same time, we did not bother to inform anybody about the delay. The passengers all the time sat on the "low start" thinking that is about to begin registration. Contact the responsible persons and in general any information to provide flatly refused. Only a half hour of our scandal, we were given a piece of paper confirming the flight delay.
As a result, after more than five hours of waiting we returned luggage and decided to fly on another flight, namely directly from Shanghai to Moscow by Aeroflot. And we waited for the return of luggage one and a half hours (each time we were told that everything is now, and not have to wait more than twenty minutes). As a result, missed the first flight of Aeroflot.
Throughout the night we spent at the airport, and the next day in the morning we finally flew Aeroflot. Of course, airfare rolls over, but we had no choice.
With regard to compensation of costs, they promised us earlier, no one gave us a contact. Employees simply ignore, phone dials, in general, there are no words. Domestic flights, I do not trust more, since it is nothing like a lottery. If you lose, it is necessary to choose for themselves, so I recommend to take a lot of money.
Strongly recommend!