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Swiss Airline
Swiss Airline

The airline Swiss. Official site.


Swiss - Swiss air carrier. The registered office is located in Basel.

The airline was formed as a result of the bankruptcy of the Swiss carrier Swissair in 2002. The new airline began its official activity 31 March 2002 year. The first few years the company, inheriting a lot of debts from its predecessor, suffered enormous losses. At that time, according to the director of Swiss, the company had three ways of further development, which, in the end, would lead to the receipt of the long-awaited income. First, the company can begin to develop independently, on its own path. Secondly, it is possible to make significant reductions in the state of the air carrier, thereby reducing costs. And, thirdly, you can join the larger airline with a stable income.

Airline Swiss plane

The company's management has stopped at the third option and started negotiations with three major carriers - French-Dutch, British and German. As a result of these negotiations was received a positive response from the German kompaniiLufthans, but the Swiss for some reason abandoned the merger. However, in the end, Swiss German company agreed Lufthans and became a member of the Star alliance alliance.

Currently, the Swiss airline owned aircraft fleet includes about 70 units. The average age of the fleet is 11 years.

Airline Swiss pass

On board all airliners Swiss company offers three classes of service:

- Economy Class on almost all aircraft equipped with a telephone and an individual screen;

- On first class flights for passengers, in addition to the above services, the opportunity to flight in a comfortable and safe environment. Airliners serving long-haul flights are equipped with comfortable seating, which can be expanded easily at night in a completely flat bed with a soft mattress, blanket and pillow;

- Business Class passengers will have the opportunity of personal service when registering and landing on the flight;

Airline Swiss luxury

At the airports of Zurich, Geneva and Moscow are special lounges for passengers Swiss, who chose to fly first or business class passengers as well as for participating Miles & More loyalty program. In each room - a relaxation room, showers, bar, free internet access.

Year of occurrence airlines: 2005.

IATA airline code: LX.

ICAO airline code: SWU.




Uniforms stewardess: Swiss International Air Lines. Switzerland.

Uniforms stewardess: Swiss International Air Lines. Switzerland.



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I liked that all baggage for inspection is made very comfortable. No no, jostling or artificially induced panic, so you find yourself on a plane after a maximum of 10-15 minutes after all the formalities are completed.

Encouraged by the fact that even though the flight delay, we arrived in Moscow is much ahead of schedule! Employees of the company appreciate other people's time.

I liked that provide back up power, while in flight, I spent only 2 hours and is considering, boarding and check-in.

On the way back, there was a very significant delay because of the two passengers who went shopping and, as it turned out, completely forgot about the time. Stewardesses are somehow gloomy, tortured, once again even asking something is uncomfortable. At the same time it turned out that on this flight there are much fewer employees working than it should have been and the staff had to literally run around the salon, fulfilling the requests of passengers. It is not surprising that such work does not please them. Before the flight, I also read a lot of reviews, about the airline and all the time before the departure date was like on needles, but in the end it turned out that all the living healthy and in a good mood fly home, which can not but rejoice!

Lovely European airline. We flew with her to Majorca. It attracted a convenient time connections and good prices. All much like it. On flights used new 320 / 319. even "sharklety" were on 2-uh aircraft. Good service, pilots and flight attendants to cope well with their work. Eating delicious. It was enough (not that Aeroflot: miniature sandwich). Several upset two-hour delay from Palma to Zurich. To catch a connection in Moscow was forced to flee. And, apart from that, everything was great. Assess your company 9 from 10.