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SkyWest Airlines - US regional carrier owned by SkyWest, Inc., is a member of the Regional Airline Association.

In 1972, Ralph Atkin, wanting to "revive" the local air service, has acquired a small airline, renamed afterwards to SkyWest Airlines. Since June 1972, the company owns a total of four aircraft. Two years later, SkyWest has acquired several small passenger planes iuvelichilakolichestvo flights to Las Vegas, the nearest large city. In 1976 the company received its first profit. Developing small rates in the early years, the company in the early 80-ies made a great leap forward, significantly expanding its route network and increasing the number of aircraft fleet. In 1988 year SkyWest Airlines already 11 takes place among the country's regional carriers.

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In the early 80-ies SkyWest Airlines expanded the supply of goods, which accounted for about 10% of the total airline revenue.

Noting its first decade of the founding of the company in the year 1982 opens its computerized airline reservation system.

Since 1985 years, SkyWest Airlines signed a number of code-sharing agreements with other airlines for passengers from different localities.

In 1991, in connection with the resignation of the company's founder Ralph Atkin has been appointed new CEO of airlines and built a new head office in St. George.

In August 2005, the company entered the holding SkyWest, Inc., which is currently composed of two airlines javjaletsja largest regional airline of the United States.

skywest airlines

Currently SkyWest Airlinesobespechivayut passengers on 135 directions. The main principle of the company were and are - safety, reliability and high quality passenger service. SkyWest Airlines pricing policy is flexible and is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of each passenger.

High quality of service on board the aircraft, a wide selection of food and drinks, comfortable chairs and varied range of entertainment allow us to make the flight as comfortable as possible.

IATA code: OO
ICAO code: SKW
Address: 444 South River Road, St.George, Utah, 84790, USA

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The company has the most prestigious approach towards its clients. People really care about the opinion, which develops after the flight of their company. Even despite the fact that the food is paid, sandwiches, juices, tea and coffee are free of charge, not to mention the water. If necessary, you will be given everything that can be found in a high plane. Of course, for this may be an additional charge, however, show me a company that does not take it with their passengers. In general, my opinion, want to fly comfortably, pay good money immediately and fully use all the advantages of a comfortable flight.

Planes chic! Taking into account the cost of tickets, waited, we will fly on what may be a wreck, but that ... flight attendants constantly offer free soft drinks, air conditioning worked moderately due to what you feel in the cabin is very comfortable. I recommend.

Also delayed flights. After all placed in the plane, the pilot made a speech, explaining in detail what exactly was the cause of delay. But in fairness it should be noted that having decided to fly back to that, the company was sorry - had to stand at the airport 3 hours, but in the end we have put into this tin can with wings that barely flew to Moscow.

Flight delay was only an hour. As it turned out later, we are very lucky, because in other companies and people can wait for days. So, in general, everything is satisfactory.

20.04.2014 flying from Memphis to Chicago CRJ200. Small plane, only four rows of seats, not the new one. narrow leather seats. Departure delayed for two hours due to strong winds in the Chigaga, and then in Memphis. The girl at the terminal told us - a tower does not permit departure. As a result of this delay, I was almost late for a connecting flight, traveling from Chicago to Frankfurt. Therefore, when docking in the United States is better to have four hours between flights. Flight, takeoff and landing went without a hitch, without pretensions. Professional pilot. On board is one stayurd that offered juice, water, coffee (all included in the ticket price). For the money offered to buy food. The salon allowed to take luggage cabin luggage size. If the trunk is not "swelled", then it could be placed on the shelf. In Memphis, the entrance to the plane passing through the "gut" and Chicago people went through the field in front of the airport (out of the plane went down the ladder). Maybe this contributed to the flight delay. In the Chicago airport, I did not see the buses that transported passengers to the field. As a rule, all flights were sent / prystykovyvalis upon arrival to the "gut."