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Airlines Shenzhen Airlines logo miniShenzhen Airlines - is China's domestic and international airline, based in Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. With a fleet numbering more 100 single-aisle aircraft, it is the fourth-largest airline. Shenzhen Airlines serves a total of about 137 9 domestic destinations and international. In 2010 16,5, the company transported a million. Passengers, a 9% increase compared with the previous year. July 6 2011, the company has been approved as a future member of the airline alliance StarAirlines.

Founded company in 1992, on the initiative of the Chinese government, and will soon have gained the status of one of the country's most profitable airlines. In the year 2004 Shenzhen Airlines was one of the founders of the national freight carrier and became the controlling shareholder.

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In Shenzhen Airlines today specialized in passengers, mail and cargo. In its activities, the company strives to earn the status of the safe air carrier, constantly updating and improving its security system. Shenzhen Airlines provides flights to most major cities in China, as well as several international destinations. Such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

In November 2005 year Shenzhen Airlines became the controlling shareholder equity shares and has become China's largest private airline. In the same year, he was acquired by the first "Boeing-737» to serve domestic destinations.

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In 2006 was an important milestone in the development of the company was the implementation of several programs aimed at increasing the safety and the creation of special centers for the training of personnel.

Shenzhen Airlines Company management plans to its further development through the expansion of the fleet of passenger aircraft to 180 2015 the end of the year (it is planned to receive up to 20 new aircraft each year), and thus become the largest national air carrier with its own brand. In the future route network will expand across Asia and other continents.

Flew aircraft Shenzhen Airlines Company, passengers have the opportunity to become members of Mileage Plus loyalty program and earn bonus miles for use in the next flight.

IATA code: ZH
ICAO code: CSZ
Address: Baoan International Airport, Shenzhen, 518128, China

Uniforms stewardess: Shenzhen Airlines. China.

Uniforms stewardess: Shenzhen Airlines. China.



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Very old airline. For more than three hours the plane was checked for faults, kept us in a stuffy cabin and did not even include air conditioning.

A representative of a charming young man. All told, he has helped change the tickets and even conducted the registration. I was very pleased!

Food is very scarce. Flying over the four-hour flight of all time, which is offered only peanuts and apples and despite the fact that the ticket is very badsome money.

We took off without any delay, the only thing that even after all the passengers took their seats the plane stood still for ten minutes. I do not like it just during takeoff had something horribly rattled inside. Frankly, this sounds much unnerved, but when gained altitude and leveled off, all was quiet. This is probably due to the fact that the plane was old enough, maybe fallen off some detail. Along the way the plane never even shaken, but probably any air pockets in the way was enough. The pilot would like to express special thanks, dovёz all alive and healthy!

Flying domestic flight to Beijing from Wuxi to B737-800. Wonderful service, professional pilots, beautiful stewardesses. Here are powered ambush - was offered only an apple and sunflower seeds.