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The airline "North Wind» «Nordwind»
The airline "North Wind» «Nordwind»

Airline north wind "Nordwind". Official site.


Airline north windIt is one of the young company, which was formed relatively recently - in the year 2008. North Wind specializes in freight and passenger traffic worldwide. The company's head office is located in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, and base airports in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.

Company North Wind not only makes regular and charter transportation of passengers, but also provides the aircraft to other airlines, which need to expand the park. This activity - a source of additional revenue for the airline. In just three years, the company was able to increase its fleet of vehicles to 16 units such aircraft as Boeing 757, 767 и A321.


Despite the fact that the airline "North Wind" is a comparative newcomer to the territory of the Russian Federation, as of today, this airline has a fleet of more than three dozen aircraft, with the air fleet of cars is regularly updated with new ones.

The carrier makes air travel in almost a hundred different destinations, which are located on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, particularly in Asia, Western Europe, South and Central America. To a greater extent, those in routing attract airline passengers that the carrier regularly offers special rates and discounts on their air.



The airline "North Wind" regularly expands its sphere of influence, constantly adapting its fleet and choosing the most popular destinations, with it concerns not only cities outside Russia, but including, and on domestic flights.

In the near future airline "North Wind" also intends to get their hands on three new promising Russian airliner MS-21, With this should happen in 2015-2016 years.


The airline "North Wind» «Nordwind» 213

The focus of the airline puts safety. It is a priority both for passengers and for the employees of the company and aircraft.

The course taken by the company on the development and perfection. The desire to avoid mistakes - the key to quality, safety, comfort and efficiency in service delivery.

Honesty and integrity - the distinctive features of the airline. The slogan "We keep our promises" - not just empty words. They are supported by punctuality in the provision of services, individual approach to customers. Value for money plays an important role in this matter. All activities of the company is completely transparent to the control of public authorities.

Highly qualified personnel and its constant training is the most important criterion for personnel policy. Each employee contributes to our customers evaluation activities north wind increasing both on the ground and in the air.

Since the company is a carrier of tour operator "Pegas Touristik", that operates charter flights to all tourist destinations, which are so loved by millions of travelers and vacationers. This historic centers of tourism in Greece, China and Austria, and also the most beautiful parts of India, Thailand, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Tunisia.

In the visible commitment airlines take a high place and become a leader in the field of transportation of tourists.

The airline "North Wind» «Nordwind» 32131

Management of the company is aimed at the exchange rate to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Although the aircraft company and have worked out a certain resource, but at the same time look very dignified. For the most part of this contributes to cleanliness and grooming salons, good food passengers, genuine friendly smile and a sincere concern for the passengers.


Airline north wind.Official site.

The airline "North Wind» «Nordwind». Official site.

Basic data:

  • country Russia

  • Year of occurrence: 2008;

  • IATA airline code: N4;

  • ICAO airline code: NWS;

  • KL; Airlines Internal code


Contact details:


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The most remarkable flight in quotes N4 721 14.03.17 to Bangkok. Pilots fellows that delivered even though the point of departure back, dear leaders read reviews of passengers and make conclusions regarding the negative.

We express our gratitude air carrier. Flew 15.02.2017 years 722 flight from Bangkok. At spouses 09.02.17g. It was the anniversary that celebrated in Thailand. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that on the way back, the company, on the occasion of the anniversary, to compliment his wife. Back back to business class. So pleasantly surprised.

Today arrived from Vietnam flight 2736 the company. The location was away from the armrest, it was just torn (photos available). In my observation, the steward in Eugene absalyutno boorish form replied that I was sitting on the seat, rather than on the arm. I have big problems with the spine, resulting in flight without the ability to put his hand over the 10 hours, it swelled and required medical assistance. Explain it is normal to carry passengers in a broken chair? For clarification, I'll just have to apply to the Federal Service and the prosecutor's office, and after the medical examination and the court.

Good day!
After retained the services of the airline realized that north wind will never NOT FLY ON HER oak !!! Let me explain why.
31.12.2016 flew along the route Yekaterinburg - Moscow (transfer) - Belgorod.
Transplanting in Moscow was to be 15 hours.
In Yekaterinburg flight was delayed for hours ... 7 reason: our plane flying to another city, it seems to Rostov-on-Don.
Moscow flight delayed for an hour 1 - the cause is not known.
Poor people, who flew on this plane only to Moscow, but longer they had to change to other airlines .. someone abroad .. they were late for their flights and it's the new year.
While sitting at the airport in Moscow, even at 4 Flight Airline north wind has announced the delay of flights.
06.01.2017 BACK flew along the route Belgorod - Moscow - Ekaterinburg (back to flying the same airline, as took tickets in advance, one month before the trip).
In Belgorod flight was delayed for an hour 1 - the cause is not known.
Moscow flight delayed at 2,5 hours - reason: the plane was flying from St. Petersburg ...
In Ekaterenburge waiting for baggage per hour, even a little more .. reason - frozen luggage compartment on the plane and could not open it ...
Then we had a train ticket, which we happily missed ..

Of the benefits (at first glance) - can be called cheap tickets (in relation to other companies), but in the end it comes out more expensive, all costs for food and other needs of airports, is expected .. plus .. torn vacation tickets during trips .. and nerves, of course.

Of course, everyone chooses for themselves ..

I would not advise anyone to fly this airline.
Different situations happen .. and planes are delayed, and then the reasons may be different, but the 4 4 departure and delay - it is not a coincidence, it is a system.
Perhaps not enough planes for transportation .. I think everything questions to the leadership. By attendants (stewardesses, pilots) questions asked.

Regards, Anna.

Good afternoon! I want to express my sincere gratitude to the crew of Flight Bangkok-Moscow 07.01.17. During the flight, I felt sick. None of the crew members refused to help, especially Stewart (unfortunately due to his condition did not recognize his name), who comforted me, distracted by the state, offered tea, gave medicines. I thank him for his attention. Another huge thank you unfamiliar doctor, flying from New York. He really helped me. I did not even notice as we landed, so everything was smooth and calm. Our whole family thanks you for your hard work.

Good afternoon!
Flew flight 06.12.2016g N4-729 Moscow - Orenburg, faded boarding talon.Prosba send a certificate confirming my perelet.Dannaya information needed to fill the advance otcheta.Spasibo for ponimanie.Belikova Marina, 2166118016675 ticket number, passport 7011345081, your order № A1612206219716 ( reservation number № 19C9L2):

Good afternoon!
Flew 30.10.2016g. 2722 flight Bangkok-Moscow, the flight was detained for 10 hours, and therefore it was necessary to renew the ticket from Moscow to Nizhnevartovsk, of course for a fee.
The big request, send a certificate of delay flight number 2722, Surname Andreeva Nina, 1474216 reservation number.
This certificate is necessary for me to fill in the advance report on the reduced fare. Thank you for understanding.

Flew flight today 174 Ekaterinburg-Moscow orange danger level has been declared with the staff of komandirovki.V Moscow in connection with a snow burey.Ozhidali serious flight delays, but fortunately, we were detained only 1 hours. With the company Nordwind flew for the first time and was very pleased with the high professionalism of our commander korablya.Nezametno soared and very gently prizemlilis.Ochen want to say many thanks to him for a comfortable flight, but, unfortunately, I do not know his name and surname!

On the hotline is not possible dozvanitsya. Flight delayed without explanation for two hours. The plane flew in Begishevo with great opozdaniem.Kogda arrived in Moscow, the plane had already flown to St. Petersburg. half of the passengers marked as late. tickets are gone, the damage is not compensated, they say is not their fault. For the first time in such a situation were, if the ticket is taken in one of the north wind and the plane has been detained because of their fault, why they are not responsible for their passengers. Twenty-five passengers were thrown to their fate and buy a ticket from Moscow to St. Petersburg to other flights at their own expense. Someone of the passengers who had money with them have bought tickets and flew away. Those who had no money, and it happens, waiting for hours, but No results. Here the company is not responsible for their passengers, not exactly fly sleduet.predstaviteli this frivolous company sent half-empty planes, and passengers say how opazdat, and are not responsible for the people.

Outraged kompanii- work of employees is not possible to call on the phone "hotline" - in addition to the answering machine apparently competent staff there is simply no !! What's the point then keep staff, even if you can not explain to people what it means to the phrase "airline flight is delayed decision" - and not delayed for an hour, and 7-plus hours? What caused this decision- attempt to troubleshoot the plane, or attempt during this time to find anything flying in your park !? Ugliness!!! You lose the last passengers With such an attitude!

My daughter and I flew 04.09.2016 from Aqaba (Jordan) to Moscow Airline north wind. There we flew with it the week before. It would have been quite good, if not quite an outrageous situation, which occurred after landing at Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal C. We have forgotten in the cabin bag with things in the upper luggage compartment. I found it two hours after landing. During this time, the plane had already checked out. According to the rules, the package had to pass after cleaning the chamber of forgotten things. Up to four in the morning I ran to classrooms in an attempt to find out the fate of their items until the information desk you did not tell me that they probably just ... emissions during cleaning !!!! That's negligent attitude of the aircraft personnel and angered most of all, because there might be valuables or documents! People arrive at night, tired, may have different situations. I'm hoping for decency flight attendants, but I was waiting for deep disappointment ... Particularly hurt that there is camera forgotten things! Is it so hard to just do their job and help people! I recommend to all - do not forget your things in aircraft of the airline. Chances are you will not see them.

People are the real pigs! At regular such I do not see, apparently more expensive and less bydloty. When you exit the plane in the cabin rare srach- wrappers, napkins and other garbage, I want to ask you where you live pigs and grew.

We flew to the Dominican Republic, the flight is long, very tyazhelo.Samolet can be compared to a common carriage, narrow seat, sitting almost in the arms of a stranger, there is no place to pull the legs (and I have a small stature) .Even blankets are not enough, the food is not enough and does not vkusno.Edinstvennoe happy crew, pilots raised and planted plane as a feather, the stewards attentive and patient, answering all questions and pozhelaniya.Esli have a choice of the best fly another airline (have something to compare)

Why can not I register online? Order number 2166113842258. Answer, no such order net.Uzhe forces !!!

We are going to fly with you 19.07.16 1723 flight for the first time, and probably the last that kind of flight transfer to 7-8 hours, a whole day of paid vacation, this someone must kompesirovat

Who knows friends can be in your hand luggage to carry small backpacks?

Yes, you can even suitcases can be

We flew to Turkey. 1801,1812 flights. everything is great! Boeing 200 back and forth. stewardess politely answer the questions and requests. interior clean, before the arrival of passengers at the exit I was shocked by the human beastliness! it is difficult for a scavenge? write bad reviews probably easier. fed sandwiches and candy on the rise is not offered, but you can take with them if the main goal in life - it's food. takeoffs and landings is perfect! airline recommends

I flew on holiday with a small child, so the flight attendant surrounded him so much attention that he did not even cry once, and I was finally able to relax a little. Well, when the work is so complicated so kind and charming people. Good for you!

The developers of the aircraft must have been Chinese, because a normal person can not help that with ease, but at least with a minimum of comfort will be located in such a small space. Of course, everything is clean and tidy, but very close from what you feel after the flight like a squeezed lemon.

We took off + - via 10 minutes from the scheduled date. It turned out that was sitting in the second row, and saw literally the entire front of the cabin. As a result, he made to a conclusion that the next time you need to buy tickets in the first row, where a lot more space. But people have got quite adequate, no one complained about the inconvenience. And that could make a flight attendant, she's not to blame for such an arrangement places.

Flight delay was caused by the air carrier, but reimburse or pay for the extra time of my stay, considering that my travel voucher is already operational while I was sitting at the airport waiting for another flight, no one thought.

Regularly do flights with the help of the North wind, and I want to say that for all the time I have not had any complaints about the quality of service. Maybe I just got lucky, but I never even flight is delayed. I want to believe that all airline also care about the comfort and safety of its customers. Service amazing, food is always fresh and hot, however, one negative quality in it all these are - this is quite an old version of the aircraft, which would be worth while to update, but sometimes there is a feeling that they can be scattered in the air, and not before reaching the destination.

She flew with her daughter in Moscow, at the hands were not only tickets, but also the corresponding insurance. In the end it turned out that the employees of the company will not allow us to board as long as we do not buy a return ticket at the airline, please explain what kind of nonsense is that? And if we ever came to stay in Moscow and would not fly back, that we are forced to forced to pay for unnecessary us tickets? You do not want to spoil your vacation, long after all their relatives were going to pay money for the tickets and take already bought. Extortioners, different representatives of the airline can not be called. I do not fly over the North Wind, in Russia much more worthy of airlines that do not engage in fraud.

The representative of the North wind blatantly lying to people at the airport. A situation in which the flight was canceled, and it turned out that the next available plane is only a day! Asked the representative of the airline who said that quote "passengers while waiting for the food and not put so hotel. as a flight cancellation does not depend on us "- this is how to understand? If you have made a commitment to implement them please! As a result, most people did not want to stay a day at the airport and started to exchange tickets. It was only after I threatened to write a statement to the prosecutor young man broke into a smile, he said that now will be transferred to the hotel. So until then, it was assumed we did not, and now the ratio has changed dramatically? It should be noted that the flight still occurred - three days !!! Can you imagine if we had all this time sitting in an airport. No self-respecting company will not behave as with clients. It is a negative impression.

Good evening.
North Wind flew for the first time, flying from Sheremetyevo Terminal C 1 30 1903 April Hurghada flight, the flight back to 04 May 1904.
Travel around the world already 20 years, different airlines, both Russian and foreign, but faced with such rudeness for the first time. From the check-in counters, airline staff began to be rude ... I am a member of the program Priority Pass, but referring to the business reception, employee rudely sent me to the economy, and it would be no big deal if its failure would have been courteous and competent, but an employee He preferred to explain to me eating in his speech, profanity, which in my opinion is the utter contempt for its customers. The continuation of our not so pleasant was the transport plane Boeing-777. Armchairs melenkie, legroom not. I, of course, fit into it without any problems, but I weigh just 52 kg, but my husband weighs 115 kg, and for his flight to 4,5 hours proved to be very painful ... Meals on board as poor. Under the guise of fish served inedible burgers, pasta was overcooked, from the smell of ham ... bun stale and the wafer was first melted and then frozen and served for lunch. The plane was very stuffy, and we tried to call the flight attendant to ask for water, but we do, nobody paid attention, and it lasted 20-30 minutes to as long as not the end of my patience. When I got up, I noticed that they are sitting on their fundamentals locations and nice talking to each other. Nodding girl asking her to come, because I do not like to walk on the aircraft during the flight, and I prefer not to get up from the chair, it is in a fastened seat belt, she ignored me, but it was clearly evident that she noticed me. I waved to her, the gesture, it also decided to ignore that forced me to make a few incomprehensible movements with his hands above his head to indicate her palm and beckoned. Only then will it with great indignation decided me to come and make a point that I am myself not well, and it is not necessary to treat that I could with her would she go if I need something, and that water from them on board is not so much. When she told me it still brought, it is not just handed a glass of water, and commented that this is all they have, and practically threw it at me.
The flight back was, of course, popriyatney, flight attendants were calm and polite, while all the other drawbacks remain.
More use of the airlines do not want the services.

Yekaterinburg fly-charm, through Pegasus 757 Boeing, the aircraft is in excellent condition, seen from the leaky basins and seats himself a flight to either side is fine, back to the pilot told what kind of country we fly many times, often joking .. food, service, blankets, water etc. without any problems, Stuart smiled at them different zasantsy constantly thwarted deliver food and drinks. At comparable service with Aeroflot. Places in planes elegantly compared to A320 (sprat iwashi). I advise.

When buying tour in January in the Dominican Republic was not the choice of the airline, as the From Yekaterinburg flew just north wind, but in December 4 all flights have been removed and had to endure a flight paid for travel from Moscow all the same airline ... Looking ahead to say, if they had known earlier developments, they would have chosen the flight scheduled flight to the Dominican Republic Transaero. The north wind do not advise anyone, and she no longer fly with them !!!! Delays and flight transfer were four times, all on a huge registration (as Charter and there is no possibility to register themselves through an Internet), aircraft staryuschie was terrible, service hamovatoe flight attendants, the food is disgusting, no screens and views for such a long flight movies, old planes !!!! But one advantage - taking off and landing at the highest level, it is a pity that such professional pilots fly on such junk ....

I advised the airline "North Wind" friend. I decided to take advantage of the airline. I liked it all very much. The pilot passed the information, and we took off with it very well. Everything was just super. Stewardesses lovely and smiling. We had offers drinks as cold and hot food and magazines. During the flight, the flight attendants spoke with the passengers. Landing has passed safely, too. I like it. In the future, I will use the airline "North Wind".

It is flown by the airline "North Wind" flight Khabarovsk-Antalya. Flying business class. It is very convenient that all business class seats 12. Very good flying. Seats in the cabin a lot, and it is very convenient. The food is delicious, great selection of drinks. shop and toilets clean himself, liked it very much, thank you very much.