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Airline Metrodzhet

Airline Metrodzhet. Official site.


Airline "Metrodzhet" was founded in 1993 year, and to date has positioned itself as a carrier carrying performedix charter flights to Asia and Western Europe.

December 4 2015, the media began to spread information with reference to the press-service specialist "Kogalymavia» (Metrojet) Svetlana Yakovleva, that the carrier has stopped flights. The press is regarded as "the first departure from the Russian airline market due to the closure of air links with Egypt and Turkey." As is well known, "Kogalymavia" with the tour operator Brisco is part of a tourist holding Tourism Holding & Consulting. After 31 October over Egypt crashed her plane the Airbus 321, flying out of Sharm el-Sheikh, aviation authorities did not exclude the carrier's fault in the accident. terrorist attack - later the true reason is installed. Nevertheless, both companies' reputation suffered, and booking tours with flights to "Kogalymavia" decreased significantly.




In December 2005, the company began to operate on the route Surgut - St. Petersburg under the terms of the agreement with the company "Pulkovo".

With 2006 years thanks to an agreement with the "VIM-Avia» started to operate flights from Surgut to Moscow, Tyumen and Sochi leased from "VIM-Avia" aircraft "Boeing 757».

In May 2006 year launched a loyalty program for customers called "Prestige". Scoring system possible to carry out the purchase of tickets for the bonuses.

In 2009 year rented from the company "Siberia" plane "Airbus" was opened flight Surgut - Moscow and back.

In September, the company 2011 "Kogalymavia" ceased to carry out domestic flights and concentrated on charter flights.

With 1 May 2012 years after the re-branding of the name was changed to "Metrodzhet."

Indicators of passenger:

• 2012 year - 734 000 people;

• 2013 year - 1 190 000 people.


January 24 2010 years 154 model aircraft Tupolev carried out a hard landing, followed by separation of the tail feathers at the airport in Mashhad. 46 passengers were injured.

January 1 2011 year on the runway at the airport of Surgut Tu-154 caught fire followed by an explosion of fuel. 3 person died, another was hospitalized 40. Air board burned for ten minutes.

31 2015 October, the south Egyptian town of Al Arish in the terrorist attack crashed aircraft "Airbus". From 224 people who were on the plane at the time of the terrorist attack, there were no survivors.

Prior to 2011 years, the airline has used outdated Russian aircraft type Tu-134 и Tu-154But in the middle of the year 2011, carrier renewed its fleet of cars, and now uses 11 aircraft:


At the end of the year 2005, the airline "Metrodzhet" entered 20 best Russian air carriers with the largest number of passengers, and previously, in 1998, has been recognized as the best and most effective Russian airline.


Basic data:

  • Country Airlines - Russia;

  • It is engaged in charter flights from Moscow to tourist destinations, formerly called Kogalymavia

  • Year of occurrence: 1993;

  • IATA airline code: 7K;

  • ICAO airline code: KGL;

  • Domestic airline code: 7K;


Airline Metrodzhet. Official site.

Metrodzhet Airline (Metrojet). Official site.


Contact details:

  • Postal Airlines Address: Khokhlovskiy pereulok 10, 3 page, Moscow, Russia, 109028,..

  • City Airline Phone: + 74995190031;

  • Airlines Fax: + 74995190031;

  • E-mail;

  • Base airport in Moscow airport Domodedovo.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraftAirbus A321, Airbus A320.



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The incident occurred on 7K9214 15.10.2015 flight from Antalya to Moscow. I flew with my mother in the penultimate row, and night flight was a dream, I heard some commotion from the toilet and crashing - it turned out that the girl was standing in line at a toilet fainted and fell to the floor and already 2 times (!)! He fell for the first time someone from the passengers and flight attendants were able to put her on her feet, and she woke up, but not for long. After a few seconds she fell again. and flight attendants again tried to put her legs. After that, my mom (physician) ran out and said to put the girl on the floor and raise her legs - is the standard care for fainting, because the pressure is reduced. Flight attendants were shocked, they had a very confused look and they were trying to raise her machine. My mother almost had to pull the girl and raise her legs. By the time her face was already gray. Mom asked for oxygen and blood pressure cuff, then the steward came to his senses and began to move, but it turned out that oxygen is completely on the other side of the aircraft. Measure tonometer failed due to hum, had to measure the pulse by hand, he was very weak. Woman 5 minutes later still brought to mind.
A reputable company Metrodzhet, I urge you to pay more attention to medical training flight attendants! Even you do not want to think, what could result in an elementary situation as the fall in a faint. Conductors were shocked with glass eyes that were supposed to act clearly and quickly, and of course right!

Why put nelzya EMERGENCY katapult parachute or fire ????

Ugly food, no blankets passengers, lack 1 class airplane seats are too close to each other, so much so that even the people of small stature have to endure the inconvenience on the way, it seems that the company is interested to cram as much as possible to the people, and soon in the future may even have standing to fly. People choose other carriers, but rather use the services of airlines of other countries, they have a better comfort and greater insurance benefits.

We have not yet departed but already twice postponed flight. fly to charm. there moved to 13 hours later, on the flight back to 4 before. thus We lost by 17 hours of rest.

He flew this airline to 22.09.2015, 30.09.2015 back. Flight 7k9241 -9242.
Friendly staff, attentive staff, strict commander of the ship. Latency was 20 minutes at takeoff, 5-7 minutes when entering the field. The return flight was in the evening - it happened that the children were crying, shaking at the beginning of the way back. Careful attention to the flight attendants and stewards, fast supply of drinks and dinner. The ability to take advantage of the San node after the climb. The plane, though not very new and the seats can not recline, but the travel time has flown by. Though not fly with 1990 years, the quality of service to passengers like. Applause passengers during takeoff and landing proof. On account of the turbulence - a thunderhead - is nobody's fault. Shaking ended after 5 minutes. Thanks to the airline and the crew! The next time you choose you will choose and recommend to your friends!

Good evening! I would like to express my gratitude for the flight (17 September Flights 7K 9404 Heraklion-Moscow) with Metrojet airline family. I aerophobia, fly overcoming himself and his fear. This flight was wonderful all the schedule of departure, pilots, aircraft, and of course a highly professional team of flight attendants: Oksana, Eugene, Elena and Maria. Thank you guys for your smile, polite and friendly attitude of some words of encouragement !!! Will be able to, I'll fly with you again!)))

Hello, 2 2 child with adults (Fonin Omar, Tsyganovf Antonina b Maksim, Efremova Oksana) flew from 08.07.15 Domod. Sharm flight 7K 9529 place 4abs, scored mini aypad white with broken glass. Question if it was found, how to get. Thank you

Baggage passed surprisingly quickly. On a very organized brought on board aircraft. And also organized transported to the airport at the place of arrival, no noise, no panic, no crowding. In general, a positive experience.

Flying transfers. Due to some problems in the airline late for a transplant, and the aircraft flew without me. As a result, my complaints no one paid attention. I was able to fly through the night and only then because I felt sorry for the girl, not the first, by the way, I told her the situation, learn what airline I was flying, she laughed and picked up my ticket for the next flight. More you just do not fly. Thank you, that though airports were normal people to work, and those units.

Such heinous overshooting make me fortunately has not had, and I hope not to have to. Delayed compared with the irresponsibility and rudeness that I met on board was inconsequential trifle. Never you do not fly. I do not intend to give that kind of money for me to spoil the impression of flight

I want to thank our wonderful stewardess Ninochka through which the flight turns into a real journey. My kids are crazy of you, sorry only rarely get to your shift. Very pleased that Metrodzhet gaining employment such important and wonderful people like you. My best reviews of Flight of the firm.

Upcoming flight on the route Domodedovo Sharm el-Sheikh. New aircraft, with more flights legs fit. All without delay. During the flight back has got an old airplane, no drinks were not offered other than water. At the same time we always forget to serve a number. When I made a remark to the stewardess, she brought me water and spilled it on my pants. However, I did not hear any excuses. For pilots, I have no complaints, well done guys, though, and came under a storm, the plane slightly to chat and was shaking.

We flew to Sharm Metrodzhet company. Impressions pleasantly surprised, good aircraft, and back and forth, for me the most troublesome always fit in a chair with an increase in 192 cm. Since these aircraft simply resting, compared to A321 UTair and Yamal companies. Staff polite, the food is OK. Special thanks to the pilot G. Bagdarasyanu (sorry, I can not help to distort the name) for a great take-off, flight and landing perfectly. In general, all the fears and expectations of trouble were not confirmed. Thanks to the company for the flight.

How do I register online?

good afternoon. I would like to give feedback on the work of the company. 28.12.2014 flew to Hurghada flight 7k9241 in 16.10 from Domodedovo Airport. Imagine my disappointment when only in the hotel room, I realized. That on board the aircraft forgotten tablet. Calling to all numbers (on the first day of rest), I realized that I could do something, but he returned to Russia. Upon arrival, immediately I went to the office of the company and wrote a letter to the Director, then within one day not have to "hang on the phone," but I switched from one operator to another .. It is unfortunate that this problem I can solve only through a statement to the police. I understand that much of the blame for this incident to me, but because the staff does not have the right to usurp the forgotten things. Or am I wrong!?

Used recently the airline "Metrodzhet". The staff is excellent, the pilot master of his craft. Service at the highest level. Flight attendants smiling, sociable. Each passenger is treated well. Takeoff was quiet and calm, without stryasok. All liked it. Tea, coffee, meals, blankets and press. Everything was just super. Thanks to the entire crew "Metrodzhet" airline.

In sentebre flew to Turkey 21.09 flight slightly delayed but in general to Metrodzhet everything is fine as a take-off landing and staff courtesy wonderful attitude to passazhram liner new clean service at 5 + also back flying from Turkey Service 5 + crew super liner clean landing on all 100% is the best !!!!!!!

Flew your airline 07.10.2014 from Greece (Heraklion) flight 7K 9404. Flight without delay, take-off and landing perfectly. Plane A321 practically new, clean. All interested were given blankets upon request, although the cabin was warm and comfortable. They offered juice, water, Pepsi and so on. D. Dinner is very decent even from / to the sausage, tea, coffee. For comparison, we flew to Heraklion Greek Airways scheduled flight A3 987 28.09.2014, the food there was much less. Perhaps the only drawback was the lack of candy, but everything else was good. Thank you.

In August, the airline flew "Metrodzhet" from Simferopol. The plane was clean, with good facilities and comfortable seating, flight attendants were very friendly, chatted with passengers and responded to their requests. Food liked, took off without delay, a special thanks to Eugene flight attendant, who spoke with the children and answering passengers' questions. It was a great success. Thank you for such a nice flight.