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Malaysia Airlines airline.
Malaysia Airlines airline.

Airline Malaysia Airlines. Official site.


Malaysia Airlines - national airline of Malaysia. To carry out flights to the main base - International Airport, Kuala Lumpur, and two minor airports -Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

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85 destinations served by Malaysia Airlines and its sister carrier Maswings. In addition to organizing flights in many areas of the company also carries out aircraft maintenance, its repair and overhaul.

Initially, the company was established in the year 1947. After that, its status and the name changed repeatedly. In 1957, after recognition of Malaysia as an independent state for airline stuck the name of Malaysia Airlines.

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From the earliest days of the company operated as a mail carrier, but a few years later, the first commercial flight. With the onset of World War II, aviation services companies were suspended.

After the war, the company structure has undergone some changes, and resumed flights to 1947 year. The postwar years were marked by the growth of the air fleet and the expansion of the route network. In 1957 Malaysia Airlines acquired the stock of public corporations, and three years later made his first long-haul flight.

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The economic boom in Malaysia for a 1980-ies resulted in the economic growth and Malaysia Airlines. By the end of the decade, the company made regular flights to international destinations 47.

In August, the 2011 Malaysia Airlines entered into an alliance with Air Asia through the exchange of shares of airlines and 2013 year joined the Alliance One world.

All aircraft companies have three cabin configurations - first class, business class and economy class. First and Business Class the opportunity to use the services of superior rooms waiting rooms that are equipped with playgrounds, rest rooms, free drinks and snacks.

As a member of the Alliance One world, on Malaysia Airlines offers its frequent flyer miles for the opportunity to accumulate flights and exchange them for additional services in any company of the alliance.

Currently, Malaysia Airlines has a deserved reputation as one of the best airlines in the world, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe flights in different countries of the world.


Basic data airline Malaysia Airlines:

  • Country Airlines Malaysia.
  • National Aviation Company of Malaysia.
  • Year of occurrence AK: 1947.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: MH.
  • ICAO airline code: MAS.


Airlines is a member of the Alliance: Oneworld.


Malaysia Airlines (MalaysiaAirlines). Official


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Uniforms stewardess: Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia.Uniforms stewardess: Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia.


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The company currently has left only the good and positive impression. More than 12 hours before the departure time of the aircraft specified in the ticket, I called the representative of the company and said that the flight is delayed and the aircraft will be served after about 4 hours from the scheduled time. Arriving at the airport and immediately hit the turn to land. Himself flight went as smoothly as possible, as far as I can tell from his substantial experience. As soon as the passengers took their seats, the flight attendants went through the cabin, handing over the candies to takeoff is not laid the ears. In general, everything is perfect. I liked very much. It is better to pay once and fly like a man deciding to service some unfamiliar company that can not provide adequate services to passengers.

During the entire flight jolted once, but how! However, three hours in the way it was first and the last incident.

I do not know, maybe I was just lucky, but all aircraft of the airline on which I flew just kept in perfect condition. Yes, they are not new, but at the same time neat and obviously recently renovated. I believe that the flight went great!

The company Malaysia Airlines - super! 25.12.2015 flew from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur. Back - 04.01.2015. There was flying an old Boeing 772, in the opposite direction - a brand new Airbus A 333. Great service! Constantly serving drinks: water, juices, beer, wine. On the five-hour flight fed delicious - twice. Perfect takeoff and landing. Both planes were delayed on departure 40 minutes, but in the destination of profit even before the expected time. Over Hong Kong hit turbulence - about an hour shaking, but it's not the fault of the airline. I recommend to fly airplanes Malaysia Airlines.