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LAN Airlines Airline
LAN Airlines Airline

LAN Airlines airline. Official site.


LAN Airlines - one of the largest South American airline based in Santiago.

LAN Airlines The airline was founded by Chilean Air Force commander in March 1929 years.

In August 1945 years LAN Airlines became a member of the newly formed IATA, and in October of the following year began to develop its activities on international and intercontinental destinations. Each subsequent godotmechen the acquisition of new aircraft and the expansion of the aircraft fleet.

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In December 1954, the company made its first commercial flight in Peru. In 1956 acquired by LAN Airlines first airplane Boeing707. It is on this model airplane began to make new long-haul routes in the United States, Australia and Europe.

Since LAN Airlines base until 1970, the company is headquartered in Santiago. With the increase in the number of air units there is a need of opening the new airport, which was launched in the year 1970.

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February 10 1974 year, LAN Airlines has made the world's first trans-polar non-stop flight between South America and Australia.

In September 1989, the airline was privatized Chilean government.

LAN Airlines LANPASS has created a program for frequent flyers. Currently, the number of participants in this program exceeds 4 million. Man. Every year more than 250 000 passengers flying free in different directions aircraft LAN Airlines airline. In addition, employees of the company have developed a unique way of traveling in the new program Air Pass. In order to become a member to buy enough tickets to both sides from any air carrier that is a member of Alliance One world.

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To purchase a ticket and reserve a seat on a plane is enough to have at hand a computer with Internet access.

Aircraft equipped with the company according to two classes of service offered. Passengers business klassaimeyut possibility of comfortable accommodation in comfortable chairs, are easily transformed into a bed. At night, each passenger is provided bedding, and wake period receives access to many personal entertainment and a wide choice of dishes. By selecting a flight in Economy Class, you can view videos on the touch screen in a comfortable chair, equipped with headrests and footrests.


Basic data:

  • Country Airlines Chile.
  • The largest aviation company of Chile, international and domestic air lines to the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Peru.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1929.
  • IATA airline code: LA.
  • ICAO code of airline: LAN.
  • Airlines is a member of the Alliance: Oneworld.


LAN Airlines (LAN Airlines). Official


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The first time was not able to fly this airline because of lack of space. As a result, the flight made only on the second day and late in the evening because of an important meeting. The thing is that we have not been able to land at the airport because of the weather and a few hours of laps over the place of landing.

The staff is very well prepared for unforeseen situations. Thank you very much for the quality of takeoff and landing special thanks to the pilots, thanks to you ceased to be afraid to fly!

I am writing this review directly from the airport. The first flight was delayed on 2 hours, with people all the time kept in the airplane, then without explanation moved it more equally. I tried to contact a representative of the airline, but the phone no one came. When people began to openly resent handsfree announced that they will provide us with communication with airline staff who will explain everything. After another hour, finally appeared and gave the representative of all food stamps, each in 600 rubles and this considering that at the airport, even the smallest pizza is more expensive. As a result, the administration again alienated, all sitting on suitcases - waiting. Never fly this airline, all the rest is broken!

I read a lot of bad reviews prior to departure, but his attempt can conclude that all this is nonsense! This company mostly work fine people. Of course, I also have a little to the quality of service, but obviously it is known in other times maintenance can be performed without any complaints.

In April 2015 years flew airline LAN Airlines in economy class from Cuzco to Buenos Aires. Service companies have been pleasantly surprised. Large seat pitch, clean interior and pleasant service. Takeoff / landing strictly by the hour. Tips!