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Korean Air
The airline Korean Air

The airline Korean Air. Official site.


Korean Air - the largest national company in South Korea, which is one of the twenty airlines, leading in the number of passengers. Korean Air's route network covers more than 40 the world. Basic airline airport is located in Seoul.

In 1962 the airline Korean Air has been created by order of the government. Only later, 9 years, the company made its first dalnemagistaralny cargo flight to Los Angeles, and a year later in the same city the first passenger flight departs. The next few years the company's management significantly expands fleet and increase the number of international flights.

Korean Air plane

In 1998-2000 years the economic situation in South Korea has left much to be desired and it is, of course, is reflected in the activity of the airline. Only the middle of 2000 years the company's work began to improve. By 2007, the company cooperates with more 16 thousand. People. At this point, the main competitor airlines Korean Air advocated railway transportation system. To get rid of a competitor, Korean Air offers low-budget subsidiary.

Korean Air pomoshnitsa 2

The fleet has an average age of airline about 8-9 years. Currently, aircraft companies make a number of non-stop intercontinental flights. Management of the company is sparing no expense on equipment airliners, doing everything possible so that passengers feel comfortable and comfortable during the trip. Only in 2005, the company has invested more than 1 billion. dollars on equipment transforming aircraft seats. Besides absolutely all salons, regardless of class of service, equipped with personal monitors and headphones.

The program frequent flyer also has its advantages. Earn miles and bonuses passengers are using the services not only of Korean Air, and any airline that is a member of the alliance Sky Team.

Korean Air pomoshnitsa

Airline Korean Air does not only airlines, but also actively participates in the aircraft industry. The company has its own department dedicated to research and participate in the release of some of the helicopters and jets. In addition, a special division of the company engaged in the maintenance of aircraft of the Defence Ministry of the United States.


Basic data airlines Korean Air:

  • Airlines Country: South Korea.
  • National Aviation Company of South Korea.
  • Year of occurrence AK: 1969.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: KE.
  • ICAO airline code: KAL.


Airlines is a member of the Alliance: SkyTeam.


Korean Air (KoreanAir). Official


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines:Seoul Gimpo, Busan Gimhae, Jeju, Seoul Incheon.
  • The mailing address of airlines: South Korea, 157712, Seoul, Gangseogu, 1370, KoreanAir OperationsCenter, Gonghang-Dong.
  • City Airline Phone: + 82226567274.
  • Airlines Fax: + 82226567289.
  • The mailing address of the Russian representation of airlines: Big Gnezdinsky Lane, ½, Moscow, 125009.
  • City Phone Russian representation of airlines: + 74957252727.
  • Fax offices in Russia: + 74957252728.
  • Domestic flights airlines: Yonge, Wonju, Gwangju, Yeosu, Pusan, Kunsan, Seoul, Pohang, Ulsan, Daegu, Chuncheon, Jeju, Cheongju.
  • The CIS airlines for flights from Moscow, Vladivostok.
  • Международные авиарейсы авиакомпании: Амстердам, Акита, Аомори, Атланта,  Брисбейн, Бангкок,  Вашингтон, Ванкувер,  Гонолулу, Гонконг, Даллас, Гуам, Джакарта, Денпасар, Кагосима, Дубай,  Комацу, Каир,  Куала-Лумпур, Кота-Кинабалу, Лондон, Куньмин, Манила, Лос-Анджелес,  Нади, Мумбай, Нагоя, Нагасаки, Нью-Йорк, Ниигата, Окаяма, Оита,  Осака, Окленд, Пекин, Париж, Прага, Пенанг, Рим,  Пхукет, Санья, Сан-Франциско, Сиань, Саппоро, Сингапур, Сидней, Сямынь, Сиэттл,  Тяньцзинь, Тайбэй,  Улан-Батор, Торонто,  Франкфурт, Ухань, Ханой, Фукуока,  Хошимин, Хиросима,  Циндао, Чикаго,  Шанхай, Цюрих,  Шэньчжэнь, Шэньян, Яньтай.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:AirbusA300, AirbusA330-200, AirbusA330-300, AirbusA380, Boeing737-700, Boeing737-800, Boeing737-900, Boeing747-400, Boeing747-8, Boeing777-200, Boeing777-300, BombardierDash7, CessnaCitation, GrummanGulfstream.




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Good afternoon!

I bought a ticket to Seoul -Fidzhi.
Tell, please, Can I carry quadrocopter?

Daughter bought a ticket to Seoul-Taipei with his credit card, the name of my daughter and the same. And today, Korean Air refused my daughter's flight. Flight KE693 Ostovskaia Mariia. To fly Masha was forced again to buy the same ticket with your bank card. She even places check-preserved. Shame, Shame, Shame Korean Air !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They work in Russia, and our Civil Code and the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights is not revered !!!!!

One of the best airlines that fly: chairs, food, service. Most likely, you just made a mistake when booking.

The positive impression left after the flight that shaking during takeoff and landing is almost not felt. Of course, there were some moments, but for their exclusion of other unpleasant incidents for all the time the flight is no longer there, so that the level of training pilots to assess the fine.

Very friendly staff and a competent representative explained everything correctly so that in the future I have absolutely no question about the flights.

The best company in the world! He flew to London with absolutely no delay. But back foolishly bought a ticket from another company in which flight delayed!

Of course I can not say that the economy class differs significantly from economy classes in other companies, but due to the fact that the chair made entirely uncomfortable impossible to relax during the flight! I liked the fact that almost immediately after the departure of all offered refreshments. No obscenities in its own address on the part of employees, I have not heard. The whole flight even exceeded my expectations. Well done!

8.01.2015 flew in the direction of The Vladivostok-Khabarovsk. Apart from the fact that the ticket cost in 4200, but for a mistake at the time of registration surcharges 2500, the whole flight was normal. Without delay. Flight time indicated 1 25 hours minutes and flew just over an hour. Take-off and landing as the passed unnoticed. On the plane were given tea and a sandwich. The flight itself was calm and easy. In the near future planned trip to Krasnodar, so I give preference to Transaero, as they have a comfortable departure time, while waiting for transplantation is minimal, and the prices are much lower.