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Airline Gulf Air
Airline Gulf Air

Airline Gulf Air (Gulf Air). Official site.


Gulf Air (Arab. طيران الخليجṬayarān al-Ḫalīǧ) - the flagship airline company Bahrain. In this aviation company more than 40 areas including Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Far East. The main base is Bahrain International Airport. The logo of the company is represented by a golden falcon. Aviation Company is also a sponsor of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Basic data airline Gulf Air:

  • Country Airlines Bahrain.
  • National Aviation Company of Bahrain.
  • Year of occurrence AK: 1950.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: GF.
  • ICAO airline code: GFA.


Gulf Air (GulfAir). Official site:

Gulf Air (GulfAir). Official site.

Airline Gulf Air (Gulf Air). Official sayt.2


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines:Bahrain.
  • The mailing address of airlines: Bahrain, Manama, Road 238, Building 138, POBox 138.
  • City Airline Phone: + 97317322200.
  • Airlines Fax: + 97317335568.
  • E-mail
  • International Flights Airlines Amman, Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Athens, Beirut, Bangkok, Dhaka, Hong Kong, Dammam, Damascus, Jakarta, Delhi, Doha, Jeddah, Dublin, Dubai, Johannesburg, Islamabad, Karachi, Cairo, Calcutta, Kathmandu, Kuwait, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, Larnaca, Manila, London, Mumbai, Mashad, Paris, Muscat, Phuket, Peshawar, Sydney, Sanaa, Istanbul, Singapore, Tiruvantapuram, Tehran, Khartoum, Frankfurt, Chiang Mai, Chennai Riyadh Shiraz ,.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:AirbusA319, AirbusA320, AirbusA330-200, AirbusA340-300, Embraer170, Embraer190.




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Hello would like zabranirovat STPC service in Bahrain ticket number 072-1217011993 and 072-1217011992. thank you waiting for an answer

Hello need tickets with a minimum of direct Muscat to Ufa

Going to be traveling to Korea with an employee at a business meeting, but once learned, is now the country has received a strong spread of the deadly virus, we decided to hand over the tickets. The second time I was already flying alone in London and it so happened that once again purchased the airline tickets. After the flight was pleased with not only the service, but also the quality of interior trim of the aircraft. It was very beautiful and elegant.

Before the flight there was a rather unpleasant situation where at the reception, I learned that my ticket turned out, canceled, but no member of the company did not even bother to warn about this on the phone! As a result, it was necessary in a terrible rush to buy tickets to other airlines, but I still did not manage to arrive at the appointed time, because of what has been broken a very important meeting.

Personally, I try to do as little as possible overshooting of the airline. The plane took off from a strong delayed meal nobody even suggested, although I, like many children were flying. Yes, and he turned to me a flight accident, because during an unsuccessful landing I got an ear injury! However, none of the guides did not want to give me a direct assistance.

Flight for me was surprisingly ordeal. Despite the fact that the passengers rather quickly placed in the cabin, the aircraft continued to be more than an hour on the runway. At the same time after the door shut in the cabin began terrible stuffiness and ventilation button is now installed even on public transport is not available. When I asked the flight attendant did not give a clear answer, saying that it will be easier when we finally take off. After the general indignation door finally opened, and most of the passengers went to the airport, with the requirement to replace the aircraft. In the end, I just took off three hours later. The funny thing is that during takeoff, I saw the same aircraft, which still continues to mend. Poor people, I hope, in their airline this was an isolated incident.

I flew from Moscow to Bahrain, Oman! Departure waited more than an hour sitting in the airplane. Bort new workload 30%. The crew looked from the windows of the plane snow. At my place was another passenger, but the flight 23 December, and I flew 19go. The food was good, offers a variety of drinks. Due to the unstable schedule, I advise to take advantage of proven Emirates and Qatar!