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Airline Jet Express
Airline Jet Express

Jet Express airline (Jet Express).


ExpressJet Airlines, Inc., which operates as ExpressJet Airlines (NYSE: XJT) - Regional airline company of the United States, headquartered in Houston (TX), USA.

ExpressJet Airlines is working in partnership agreement with the main air company Continental Airlines, performing flights under the brand (trademark) Continental Express regional transport. As a major hub airports aviation company applies International Airport Cleveland (OH), Intercontinental Airport Houston (TX), Newark Liberty International Airport (New Jersey). ExpressJet Airlines Training Center is located at the airport in Houston.

Aviation company previously used the Ontario International Airport (California) as its own regional hub, but ceased its operation 2 September 2008 years.

Aviation Holding SkyWest, Inc. in April 2008 year came out with a proposal to buy aviation company ExpressJet Airlines, planning to buy out the stake in the carrier at a price of 3,5 US dollar per copy. Manual control of the holding ExpressJet Holdings Inc. It rejected this proposal, citing its refusal unanimous decision to establish a special committee to evaluate the holding of its financial condition. SkyWest, Inc. withdrew its offer and Continental Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines in early June 2008 year signed a seven-year term of the new code-sharing partnership agreement.

Jet Express airlines

ExpressJet Airlines at the beginning of the year was on the 2009 14-th place among all aviation companies in the world by number of aircraft, the number of which amounted to 244 unit.



Aviation company ExpressJet Airlines was founded in the year 1986, and began to carry commercial traffic in 1987 year. Aviation company almost immediately after the start of operations was acquired by Continental Airlines, together with four other regional carriers: Bar Harbor Airlines from Bangor (Maine), Provincetown-Boston Airlines from Hayannisa (MA), Rocky Mountain Airways from Denver and Britt Airways from Tere- Hout (Indiana). Operator Certificate Britt Airways moved to the united aviation company Continental Express / ExpressJet, under this certificate ExpressJet Airlines company works to date.

ExpressJet Airlines in April 2002 year again becomes an independent company under the control of air created by the aviation holding ExpressJet Holdings, Inc ..

The aviation company at the end of the year 2008 8000 people working longer. Also ExpressJet Airlines Holding has companies American Composites LLC, Saltillo Jet Center and InTech Aerospace Services, together with other smaller subsidiaries, constitute subsidiary ExpressJet Services Holding, which is engaged in maintenance, overhaul and repair of various types of aircraft throughout the territory of the United States.

Guide Continental Airlines in December 2005, it was decided to reduce the number of units on 69 aircraft operated under the name Continental Express. ExpressJet Airlines under the terms of code-sharing agreement could either return these ships in Continental Airlines, or rent them at the Continental at high rates, and dispose of them on their own to complete the term of the lease. ExpressJet Airlines chose the second option and December 31 2006 has started to operate charter flights on an agreement with the company Corporate Aviation Division, and in February 5 2007, the airline company has announced the opening of the regular routes in cities 24 Midwest, Southwest, West Coast of the United States.

ExpressJet Airlines from April 2 2007 has started regular flights under its own brand throughout the country, applying for this 42 aircraft from the fleet of aircraft. According to the words of Director General James Rome Ontario International Airport (an alternative to the International Airport of Los Angeles) should become "the largest center of air transportation" of the company.

Budget air carrier JetBlue Airways flights March 7 2007 year announced the registration of the agreement under which the four aircraft Embraer 145 ExpressJet Airlines will operate on regular routes on JetBlue period until it established the Embraer aircraft are 190 on preventive maintenance.

ExpressJet Airlines in June 2007 has started execution of scheduled flights from the International Airport of Los Angeles under the Delta Connection brand mainline aircraft company Delta Air Lines. According to the original agreement in the route network was 10 aircraft Embraer 145XR, July 2007 year their number increased to 18 liners. Code-sharing agreement between ExpressJet Airlines and Delta Air Lines in July 2008 has been canceled and flights under the Delta Connection brand ceased to 1 September 2008 years.

ExpressJet Airlines in September 2007 year agreed to provide in the route network of aviation companiesFrontier Airlines flights from Denver International Airport for the period of registration certificate of the operational subsidiary of the aviation company Lynx Aviation, which operates a fleet of turboprop aircraft. ExpressJet Airlines flights performed on 50-145 the ERJ aircraft Throw in five cities of Frontier Airlines hub at Denver International Airport, is Lynx Aviation in December 2007 years did not receive its own Air Operator Certificate.

July 8 2008 year, a few days from the announcement of the termination of the partnership agreement with the aviation company Delta Air Lines, ExpressJet Airlines announced the termination of all flights from September 2 2008, under its own brand because of high fuel prices.


The route network

Aviation company ExpressJet Airlines under its own brand performed regular flights 20 airports of the United States of America, independent of carriage under its own brand 2 September 2008 years were terminated.



Aviation company ExpressJet Airlines EPO as of March 2008 years kspluatirovala fleet of aircraft 244

ExpressJet Airlines fleet in March 2009 has worked in the following distribution:

  • 214 aircraft - under the name Continental Express Continental Airlines mainline aircraft company;
  • 30 aircraft - charter flights in an agreement with the company Corporate Aviation Division.


Basic data:

00 Hartsfield Center Pkwy
Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30354

Telephone: 404-856-1000
Corporate Fax: 404-856-1405

Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) fax: 404-856-1204 (requests only)

Official site:

Jet Express airlines 2


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The ExpressJet pleased with everything from the price they ask for tickets to the quality of service. The only downside for me was quite narrow seat, I could hardly fit in your entire flight and felt uncomfortable. I'm not saying that the company is bad - it is great, but so overweight people like me to choose the best aircraft equipped with large armchairs.

The airline has always supported high-end bar, however, that in recent years it has become the most noticeable. On all flights, regardless of the direction, there is a complete interior loading, monitors mounted in the seats is even in the third grade, that does not leave indifferent even the most skeptical of people.

While committing a flight to Moscow, we were in the cabin almost alone. This delight of the flight has never experienced. The food was as if we should have a right for all passengers who do not fly! We were very pleased and be sure to go on the next year, in the same trip.

I flew this airline immediately in two directions, complaints I have, but I want to note that the flight from Barcelona was much better quality than from Moscow. I do not know what it is connected, but the second time service was really much better.

Passengers absolute punctuality people. Because of them, the flight was delayed for more than 30 minutes. The result was almost late for the next flight. In general, employees behave harmoniously and intelligently. I think that this situation will not happen again, especially flight attendants umnichki!

I flew with a friend in business class. This is certainly not the most successful company, however, in a positive way growth has not gone unnoticed by me. Well done. I hope you will improve performance in the future.

I liked that the flight was scheduled for the morning 9 and sent without delay, and I managed to sleep in the airport slowly to get there. In Egypt it was within 2 hours that insanely pleased, because in a way I did not have time to get tired, and immediately ran to the beach. Good luck to you!

14.04. 2014 years flew on Embraer ERJ-145 towards Chicago-Memphis. Small plane, only three rows of seats, not the new one. Leather seats, quite comfortable and wide. Arrival and departure - on a schedule. On board was a flight attendant, which offer passengers coffee, juices, water (they were part of the ticket price). More offers on nutrition have been reported. Although the ninety minute trip it is not necessary. With a luggage allowed to carry cabin luggage. On the luggage before the gate is attached special tag, leaving him at the entrance to the plane and then loaded into the luggage compartment (a small briefcase or bag ladies can put on the luggage rack in the aircraft). Passengers were not allowed until the luggage is not unloaded.