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Plane crash of the Yak-40 near Krasnovodsk. 1975
Plane crash of the Yak-40 near Krasnovodsk. 1975

Plane crash Yak-40 Azerbaijan CAA near Krasnovodsk

Date of the crash: 15.08.1975 of

Time of the crash: 22:01

Country of the crash: the USSR

Location of the crash: Turkmen SSR, near Krasnovodsk

aircraft Brand: Yak-40

Registration of aircraft: CCCP87323

Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

Subdivision: CAA Azerbaijan, Baku OJSC

Flight: A53

Chronology of events:

Upon reaching roll 45 degrees 22: 01 held sliding touch right end of the wing surface of the mountain, the flight path 300-320 degrees. Left Bank eventually fell to 10-15 degrees. At the time, he took a blow on the rock bottom of the fuselage, severing the right plane, the right gear and the right engine. The plane, rotating around the transverse and longitudinal axes, fell to the ground. The first strike took place on the cliffs at the height of 159 m (79 m above the band) on the airspeed 150 km / h on the left of the axis of the strip m 210 and 4700 m distance. The second strike took place at the height of 165 25 m m from the first (85 m above the airport). Then, turning to the right, with a roll of about 90 degree plane crashed into the ground. Left plane separated at impact and the fuselage disintegrated.

Data on victims:

Total on board were people 38: 4 34 crew members and passengers. Total killed 23 people: crew 2, 21 passengers.

Details of the crash:

Phase of flight: approach

Identify the causes of the crash: the weather

Data on the plane:

aircraft Brand: Yak-40

Aircraft ID: CCCP87323

Country where registered aircraft: the USSR

Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 31.08.1973

The serial number of the aircraft: 9330230

Hours aircraft: 2130

The cycles of use of the aircraft: 1914

Engines: H H 5322039 5322069 5322051 H

Flight data:

Flight: A53

Tour type: Regular passenger

The aviation company Aeroflot (USSR)

Division: CAA Azerbaijan, Baku OJSC

The country, which was registered aviation company: USSR

Flying from: Baku (Bean)

Flying in: Krasnovodsk

Original item: Baku (Bean)

A final point: Krasnovodsk

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

KBC Caro Gazarovich Kocharian

copilot Aziz Gambarovich Gambarov

mechanic Sergey H. Goodman (deceased)

Flight N. Suslin (died)


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