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Plane crash IL-76T near Belgrade Airport. 1996
Plane crash IL-76T near Belgrade Airport. 1996

Plane crash IL-76T airlines SPair near Belgrade Airport

  • Date of the crash: 19.08.1996, the

  • The time of the crash: 03: 16

  • Country plane crash: Yugoslavia

  • Place the crash: Near the airport Surcin, Belgrade

  • Aircraft type: IL-76T

  • Registration of aircraft: RA76513

  • Aviation company name: SPair

Chronology of events:

The Belgrade Airport "Surčin" was loaded aboard military equipment (pyro cartridge), and aircraft tires. During loading, the crew did not use any aerodrome DC power supply or APU. Power consumers DC produced by the DC system emergency NAPC 20-25 (four alkaline batteries). After starting the engine crew forgot to turn on the rectifying devices VU6A (converts AC voltage 200V which produces alternators of main electrical supply into a DC voltage 28,5V). As a result, the power of the DC system has continued to be carried out by 27V emergency tire of working alternators electric current in this system have been reported. In the process of preparing for takeoff, taxiing and take-off batteries still discharged. Work consumers for emergency tire caused a voltage drop in the system is less 18V while rectifying device can not be turned. After 3 minutes from take-off voltage is decreased less 14V and load contactor control unit and protection. The failure of the electrical supply of the DC voltage 27V blackout provoked major consumer electronic and avionics equipment. The crew has organized the return to the departure airport and 2,5 hours in bad weather, at night, without navigational equipment and bezbusterny regime tried to land. When yet another attempt to land on the strip with the course of 119 degree plane crashed in a cornfield in 800 m from the band, partially burned and destroyed.

Data on victims:

Total on board were people 11: 8 3 crew members and passengers. Total killed 11 people: crew 8, 3 passengers.

Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: the approach

  • Identified causes of the crash: crew error, equipment failure

Data on the plane:

  • aircraft Brand: Il-76T

  • Aircraft ID: RA76513

  • Country where registered aircraft: Russia

  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 1978

  • Serial number of the aircraft: 083414451

Flight data:

  • Tour type: Truck

  • Aviation Company: SPair

  • The country, which was registered aviation company: Russia

  • Flying from Belgrade (Surčin)

  • Flying in: Luke

  • Original item: Ekaterinburg (Koltsovo)

  • A final point: Unknown Airport

The details:

The findings, which investigated plane crash

The reason for the catastrophe: in-flight failure of the supply system DC 27V, which was the result of violations of technology work crew in preparation for take-off, lack of control on the part of the commander in respect of crew members.

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

  • KBC Vladimir Starikov

  • the co-pilot Dmitry Batishchev


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