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Plane crash CRJ-100ER in Kinshasa. 2011
Plane crash CRJ-100ER in Kinshasa. 2011

Plane crash CRJ-100ER airline Airzena Georgian Airways in Kinshasa

  • Date of the crash: 04.04.2011

  • The time of the crash: 13: 56

  • Country plane crash: DR Congo

  • Place the plane crash: airport Kinshasa (N'Djili)

  • Aircraft type: Canadair CRJ-100ER

  • Join the aircraft: 4LGAE

  • Name of aviation companies: Georgian Airways

  • Flight: UNO 834

Chronology of events:

In 13: 50 crew were allowed to approach by localizer straight into strips 24. The crew began to discuss the possible options for circumventing the thunderstorm cloud, which they have seen on a weather radars. The co-pilot at the same time expressed regret that they are at least a 5 minutes had not arrived. The approach to the airport was on high speed aircraft to 13: 53 4630 was at the height of feet (1400 m). At a distance of 24 km away from the input end of the strip 24 airspeed decreased to 460 km / h, established flight rules. The decline was going to the left than the line planting. Then the crew changed the course of more than 15 ° to the left, from deviating more preplant straight (for 18,5-13 km from the runway threshold 24). For 18 km copilot saw the band on the right 1 hours. The commander saw strip away 12 km Then the plane was at an altitude of 990 m (approximately 690 m true altitude), airspeed was 388 km / h. The crew decided to continue its unstabilized approach and made contact with the dispatcher landing. The commander disconnected the autopilot, dovorot spent on planting rate and copilot instructed to set the flaps to 8 degrees and the landing gear. After 6 seconds on the landing of the command dispatcher reported that the wind 13 m / s, 280 °. The co-pilot confirmed the receipt of the information. The crew released the spoilers, flaps were consistently dovypuscheny to 30 degree and then to 45 degrees (both times due to the excess of the normal flight speed for flaps responded audible alarm). The aircraft was taken to the line of landing at a distance of 3,7 km from the strip. Then over the airfield began frontal heavy thunderstorm. At the approach to the strip plane entered a zone of heavy rainfall, located at an altitude of about 90 m above the ground is less than the established approach procedures 448 reducing minimum height from the sea level or 144 meters from ground level. The crew launched the wipers. Both the pilot lost visual contact with the sediments of the band at the height of 68 m from the ground, in 13: 56: 32 commander decided to go-around. The co-pilot removed to 8 ° flaps, operation of engines increased to 89-90%. The chassis has not been removed. The plane began to climb. At the height of 121 m from the ground plane hit the microburst local (short-term downward powerful air flow that occurs during a thunderstorm) In 13: 56: 48 responded audible alarm wind shear. The pitch angle of the aircraft for a very short moment of time has changed to + 4-5 degrees to -7 degrees. The plane began to descend, get out of the decline did not happen because of the small clearance and lack of time. The clash with the land held in 13: 56: 52 abeam the runway threshold 24, 1400 transferred to the m 170 meters left of the axis of the strip with 10 degrees relative to the horizon, at a speed of 333 km / h with the course 220 °. The aircraft is in motion on the ground completely destroyed and stopped at a distance of 390 m upside down from the place of the first strike and from the axis of the strip in 235 m.

Plane crash CRJ-100ER in Kinshasa. 2011

Data on victims:

  • Total on board were people 33: 4 29 crew members and passengers. Total killed 32 people: crew 4, 28 passengers.

Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: the approach

  • Identify the causes of the crash: An organization that investigated the crash:

  • Data on the plane:

  • Aircraft type: Canadair CRJ-100ER

  • Aircraft ID: 4LGAE

  • The country in which the registered aircraft: Georgia

  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 1995

  • Serial number of the aircraft :: 7070

Flight data:

  • Flight: UNO 834

  • Flight type: Chartered passenger

  • Aviation Company: Georgian Airways

  • The country, which was registered aviation company: Georgia

  • Flying from: Kisangani

  • Flying in: Kinshasa (N'Djili)

  • Original item: Kisangani

  • A final point: Kinshasa (N'Djili)

  • Plane crash CRJ-100ER in Kinshasa. 2011


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