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Plane crash of AN-26B Gyumri airport. 1993
Plane crash of AN-26B Gyumri airport. 1993

Plane crash of AN-26B airline Kuban Airlines at Gyumri airport

  • Date plane crash: 26.12.1993, the

  • Time of the crash: 20:57

  • Country of the crash: Armenia

  • Location of the crash: Airport Leninakan (Gyumri)

  • aircraft Brand: An-26B

  • Registration of aircraft: RA26141

  • Name of air carrier: Kuban airlines

Chronology of events:

After a 4-5 seconds. the span RU pilot at an altitude of 10-20 m impulsive disorders, "the" helm created congestion in 1,2 units and reduced to 4-5 m / s to 1 m / s descent rate, reduce engine operating mode at the same time 30 to 22 degrees by UPRT. This caused a decrease in the speed of flight, which in 10 seconds. by the time of flight of the runway it became 216 km / h. In the segment of the flight to the runway of the RU was created right bank 12 degrees, which decreased to 1-2 degrees to the end of the time of flight. The end of the band performed at the height of 15-25 m almost in horizontal flight with a reduction in future rates. engine operation after the end of the flight became more than before 48 degrees UPRT. Speed ​​still continued to decrease (although not so much). When flying over the strip pitch angle and angle of attack of the aircraft became bigger until 6-8 degrees, and the angle of trajectory has become smaller with up to 3 0 degrees. This will move the viewing angle in the long distance and visibility 200 m caused difficulty of visual detection strip. Manager at 20: 56: 25 gave the command "Dial 800 meters." At a distance of 1000 meters from the entrance end of the strip at flight speeds 190 km / h commander decided to go to the second round, declined sharply elevator "on" on 8 degrees, set takeoff engines and 20: 56: 28 dispatcher reported "Full 800 meters. " The plane, increasing the angle of attack, began to climb with a vertical speed of 2-3 m / s. Due to lack of traction reserve flight speed is still reduced. Flying, imeyushih climb lasted approximately 30 seconds. The chassis removed during this time (in position flaps were 38 °). With the speed of flight, which continued to decrease aircraft could climb 95 m, which decreases to 165 km / h speed stall was held on the right wing with a large loss of altitude. Plane at 20: 57: 01 local time with a vertical speed of about 20 m / s, the right roll 6 degrees, the flight speed of about 150 km / h hit the ground on the left of the strip at a distance of 2990 meters from the entrance end, completely destroyed and burned. One passenger was seriously injured. The rest of the crew members and passengers died.

Current conditions in the Gyumri airport was at 21: 00: 60 m Clear height octane 8, 200 m visibility, fog, temperature 0 ° C quiet.

Plane crash of AN-26B Gyumri airport. 1993

Data on victims:

  • Total on board were people 36: 5 31 crew members and passengers. Total killed 35 people: crew 5, 30 passengers.

Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: a missed approach

  • Identified causes of the crash: crew error

Data on the plane:

  • aircraft Brand: An-26B

  • Aircraft ID: RA26141

  • Country where registered aircraft: Russia

  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 1983

  • Serial number of the aircraft :: 12903

Flight data:

  • Tour type: Truck

  • Aviation Company: Kuban Airlines

  • The country, which was registered aviation company: Russia

  • Flying from: Krasnodar (Pashkovsky)

  • Flying in: Leninakan (Gyumri)

  • Original item: Krasnodar (Pashkovsky)

  • A final point: Leninakan (Gyumri)

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

  • KBC Aristarkhov


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