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Aviation and the United Nations. Aircraft. Airline. Humanitarian goods.
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Aviation and the United Nations. Aircraft. Airline. Humanitarian goods.

Aviation and the United Nations. Aircraft. Airline.Humanitarian goods.


The whole system is to ensure the supply of humanitarian goods the UN, includes the centralized distribution. In addition, all issues related to hiring airlines to work in the UN system are solved centrally, at the headquarters of the organization in New - York. All wishes airlinesTo participate in projects of the applying organization, then, there is a strict selection. Taking into account all the indicators, the age of the airline experience in freight and passenger traffic, the positive and negative moments in the history of Service.

Much attention is paid to park aircraft, their age, and the availability of highly qualified staff, to ensure that the flight.

The whole system is to ensure the supply of humanitarian goods the UN, includes the centralized distribution. 322323

All the work of airlines in terms of the contract with the UN, is associated with high responsibility. Flights must be carried out on schedule, and the crew, must always be ready to meet the alarm as working in countries where the UN mission, always connected with an increased risk and danger. In case of emergency, everyone should gather at the appointed place, it may be the main office of the Mission in the country, or the airport. And the unrest in countries such occur very often.

So, for example, in sub-Saharan Africa, the local population refers to the UN mission, as hostile. Here every man of European appearance is accepted as an invader, moreover, as an enemy. Thus, showing his displeasure, the locals begin to attack the Mission, regarding it as the culprit of all their suffering and misfortune. When such riots occur, the Mission has to surrender, waiting for the restoration of order by the local authorities. Only then it can go back and continue working.

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Thus, during the manifestation of their discontent are starting to attack on a house inhabited by the Mission, breaking windows, they get to the villa, divide all the property, destroying and setting fire to it.

So, for example, in 2004, during the unrest of the local population in the city of Kisangani, Democratic Republic of the Congo, speaking population against the presence of the Mission grew, became widespread. The situation so aggravatedThat all the women, and the majority of UN staff from the city, were sent to the city of Kigali, Ruanada, and for the remaining employees at the airport was fully fueled and ready to fly IL-76. Ready when you need them to take a moment all the remaining members of the Mission.

Martynenko Igor G. - UN official in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


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I admire the courage of crews working in such extreme conditions. I know the guys, helicopter pilots working in Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau and others. Many interesting talks. In general dlyaaviakompanii UN contract a good way to make money. Those who mainly fly? Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh crew, though Ukraine dumping