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Aviation FSB
Aviation FSB

Aviation FSB


After the collapse of the USSR State Security Committee was abolished, and the aviation group, controlled by the KGB, is a great help for the Soviet Special Forces soldiers, placed under the authority of the Federal Border Service. The result of such action was the complete lack of supporting aircraft in the ranks of the special forces of the new state - Russia. This, in turn, resulted in not the best results. But this error was corrected, however, after only a decade.

Since 1999 years, the ranks of the FSB was founded special purpose committee, whose main task was to create an auxiliary aircraft to the FSB. In her chapter, we put the former employee of "Vympel" and "Alpha" VS Kozlov, though at that time he was the chief OOUD the fight against terrorism and protection of the constitutional system of the Federal Security Service. And the actual founder of the order in the ranks of the FSB was VE Pronichev. It began corporate work involved the entire department, resulting in literally six months resolved all legal and judicial matters. Since February 2000 years, Russian special forces got their own aircraft, performing purely his task.

Aviation FSB

FSB main aviation activities was cooperation with the secret services "Vympel" and "Alpha", and it is in an extremely short period of time to deliver a special group to the desired location for the tasks. To carry out and delivery of the accompanying equipment. And it was an unusual Transportion. Often, job priority was put saving people. A similar situation occurred during the operation in Mineralnye Vody directly with the hostage-taking in the Lazarev. Unique operation occurred during an airplane hijacking Tu-154 and stretch it from Makhachkala to Baku and then to the far abroad. In successful contingency freighter spetsnaz fighters appeared in the vicinity of the captured aircraft. The operation lasted six hours. Passengers as well as the aircraft itself, was released.

In March 2003, the President of the Russian Federation issued a decree on the basis of which all the aircraft of the FSB became involved in all FSB services, including frontier troops.

Aviation Russian FSB

Currently FSB aviation is in a constant state of readiness for the fight against terrorism and the protection of the country's borders. Also it demands the protection of economic interests at sea. There are special tasks for reconnaissance pilots FSB, transport, fire and other special purposes. If you compare the training of aviation security services FSB character with the rest of the world divisions, it is possible to name it suitable. However, most of the operations carried out is impossible to describe, because they are classified as "top secret".

The structure unit consists of about 300 the flying vehicles, most of which is located at the borders of the country and is responsible to the border authorities for the protection of external borders. According to official data, the FSB aircraft allegedly taking part in the fight against global terrorism.

Aviation FSB


Aviation supports FSB Special Forces groups. This increases mobility, reduces the time spent on care employees on the transfer of weapons, property and most of the personnel. At the same time, the FSB aircraft is not able to replace the type of flight units of the regular army or the other law enforcement agencies.

Initially, it may seem that armed flying detachment of federal services are the most common aircraft machine. However, it is not. The main difference lies in the aircraft equipment. One of the most striking examples of this transformation is the helicopter Ka-226Which is converted by the product of the minimum noise. The same situation concerns aircrafts such as "ANSAT" Mi-8 and "Finist". They upgraded specifically for the various types of the FSB secret service operations. In addition to regular flying machines, the FSB arsenal of drones present, balloons, airships and separately purchased televizornaya, radar and teleradiolokatsionnaya equipment.

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