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Speaking about the development of the German military, the majority of people are just something top secret and inexplicable. But this is not always the case, because there are so many prototypes, which could go into production.

As for unmanned As.292, he was ordered to the Luftwaffe anti-aircraft training. For this purpose it was necessary to create the most cheap model. Except for the name As.292, the German authorities have also designated it as Flakzielgerät 43.

Outside The unmanned most resembled rezinomotornye machine because it also had a slim fuselage made up of tubes with straight wings of medium length. As for feathering, it has been a large area. Aircraft length and wingspan is the same and equal 2,4 meters. Most of the details of construction have been made of metal and covered with cloth entire fuselage.

Despite the ease of device management As.292, he had a couple of elevators and ailerons on the wings. As the power plant was used engine types The Argus, who had only three horse power, but it was enough to accelerate the car in the air 80 km / h. The total mass of the structure of the model reached the figure of 25 kg. Landing and takeoff system allowed the wheel chassis, which consists of three pillars. For the first time this unit is lifted into the air 9.08.1937 years. In this automatic machine stabilization in air consisted of springs and ropes. This allows the aircraft to follow the straight path, and this, in turn, did not allow gunners to practice firing maneuvering objects. To solve the problem of maneuvering, designers have resorted to the development of radio-controlled system, it took two years. As a result, the modified machine was ready by May 1939 years, and when carried out a test flight.

As a result, management decided that the firing of the aircraft with a fairly expensive equipment is not appropriate from an economic point of view. It was thought a lot of uses, but due to the fact that the control device it must be in the operator's visibility, and it's up to 10 kilometers, the circle of tasks significantly narrowed. In the end, attached to the car and began to use the camera as a scout, who led the survey area.

After the shooting unit was safe to land, so as not to damage the film with the captured information. For this drone led out into the path of the operator or the landing point, the approach turned off the engine and opened the parachute, which car and down to earth. All this has allowed As.292 car to get into serial production.

Serial models were slightly modified. First of all, it was established 7-hp engine that allows you to overclock the machine to 100 km / h. This reduced range, as fuel was enough only for 30 minutes of flight. All equipment and important details closed casing, moreover, has been established yet another camera. The production model weighed 27 kg. Serial production was started only 1942 years, were made about 100 pieces. As for combat use, then this unknown.

The biggest drawback of the product As.292 was a small radius of application since the machine can be controlled in an open area in the field of view of the operator. It could pave the direct flight path and send the device outside of sight, but then would have to deploy a blind or lose a scout.

As.292. Characteristics:

Modification As.292
Wingspan, m 2.40
Length m 2.30
Height, m  
Wing area, m2 1.20
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 27
engine's type 1 AP
Power, hp X 1 7
Maximum speed km / h 100
Radius of action, km  
The duration of the flight, ch.min  
The height of the patrol, m  


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