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AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone
AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone

AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone

AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone is hardly noticeable to the altitude reconnaissance UAV types. Company-developer - Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical. The impetus for the creation of unmanned became the command of the US Air Force announced a competition for the design of high-altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. At that time, in the middle of 60-x has the most potential by Ryan, which developed its own versions over 20 unmanned aerial target type Model 147 Firebee. As a result of modifications and research 147N it appeared that the US Air Force experts renamed AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone. In 60-ies drone was handed over for operation of strategic command.

According to the flight characteristics, the unit was able to perform the rise to a height of 21 675 km at a speed of km / h. During the period from March 1967 years 1971 to mid-July, the AQM-34N 138 carried out reconnaissance missions. Just like its predecessor, AQM-34L Firebee, UAVs AQM-34N launched from an aircraft DC-130. The whole process of flying drone carried on previously laid down the program. Total Operating went missing only a few devices. About 20% were deliberately shot down or crashed about 65% LA was able to detect and return. Search is facilitated by mounted system MARS (full name Mid-Air Retrieval System). Searches were carried out thanks to the work of the special equipment, which is installed on the search helicopters. In the middle of 70-ies of the US Air Force ordered to withdraw from the arms past instances of this type of UAV.

LTH: wingspan - 9,75 m; Length - 9,14 m; weight - 1737 kg; Height - 2,03 m; Rod - 871 kg; range - 3862 km; Engine Type - 1 TRD; ceiling - 21336 m; maximum speed - 676 km; the minimum height - 20 m.

AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone. Characteristics:

Modification AQM-34N
Wingspan, m 9.75
Length m 9.14
Height, m 2.03
Weight, kg 1737
engine's type 1 TRD J69-T-41A
Thrust, kgf X 1 871
Maximum speed km / h 676
Flight distance, km 3862
Practical ceiling, m 21336
The minimum flight altitude, m 20


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