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Antonov An-2. A photo. Characteristics.
Antonov An-2. A photo. Characteristics.

Antonov An-2. A photo. Characteristics.


USSR / Poland

A type: single-engine biplane general purpose

Capacity: one or two to ten pilot and passengers

As one of the last biplane being in production, the An-2 aircraft are still in operation in the Air Force almost 30 countries. Amazing production series was 18 of "Colt" aircraft (Colt - Colt - the code name for NATO), built with 1947 years, of which 12 Ltd. aircraft produced by the company "PZL Mielec» (PZL Mielec) in Poland after the conclusion of the license agreement in I960 year .

In fact, the Antonov factory in Kiev, built just 5000 instances before in 1965, the production was stopped. Since the beginning of the year 1957 1970-ies in China and was built under license 15 Ltd. aircraft under the designation "Harbin» Y-5. Noticeably outdated aircraft in appearance when the first report of its production was greeted in the West with a laugh. However OKB Antonov design team wanted to make the aircraft short takeoff and landing, have excellent characteristics.

Its simple design also means that Colt was not only easy to service in the field, but it also can be operated with unprepared grounds. Although the first airplane An-2 was commissioned by the technical requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, but he soon found its application in the Soviet Air Force as an aircraft for transportation of parachutists, towing gliders and training aircraft for navigators. At the same time, a number of other countries, the Air Force used it also as a light bomber. A small number of aircraft An-2 recently, after the fall of communism in the East, appeared in the civil registers of the European countries and the United States.

Basic data


  • Length: 12,95 m
  • Wingspan: 18,18 m
  • Height: 4,2 m


Power point: AL-62IR Shvetsova, manufactured by "PEPs Kalizh» (PZL 'Kalisz)

Power: 1000 l. from. (746 kW)

The weight:

  • BLANK: 3450 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 5500 kg


Date of first flight:

  • August 31 1947 years (Antonov aircraft) and the 23 1960 October, the (plane "PZL Mielec" Company)


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 253 km / h
  • Range: 905 km


The remaining airworthy modifications in the hands of civilians:

  • AN-2M / R / R / S / T / TD and TP


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I have lived and are living in the village, we have a rural airfield where all summer long, plowed AN-2. Pilots are temporarily living in the house of my uncle, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Then I was a kid and I strongly wanted to fly, pilots have agreed, but they asked to see my drill training. And to the great surprise, the pilots then I liked and I was really taken with him. When we took off, I was delighted to this day of An-2 I live in my heart.

I, for example, the AN-2 willing to bow, as well as many other pilots airplanes. The fact that I'm still being a green youngster realized this plane that is hard summer work. This machine is my mother forgive us our faults. An-2 many times rescued us out of trouble in the Arctic, when we carried off by helicopter, that is, almost without a run, as the snow was around sastrugi. At that time the aircraft was considered the most successful, have the best design. In general, I can say one thing, many pilots will never forget what the AN-2.

For the first time on An-2 1965 I was flying in the year, the flight lasted about half an hour. But to this day I can not forget the feelings that experienced during the flight. It seemed to me that the plane flies up and down, and then to the side. But in general I can say one thing, I think An-2 just wonderful aircraft on such a machine, you can go anywhere, but the most important thing is that this aircraft is reliable and comfortable.

Good plane, a real masterpiece of the Antonov Design Bureau. In 1987 year, when I was a kid it was flying. The truth is it was a modification of the An-2P. I remember very well how to climb into the cabin, the pilots went into the cabin, and when was starting and taxiing, we rolled out to the airport instead of the grass runway. At take-off was a strong noise in the ears, but then the feeling of flying with all the amenities: the pitch up, and turbulence, and dive. As I blissed out from the flight! But my mother, who was sitting next to me vomited. Let it not, "Bobby", not "Watermelon" and not any other passenger plane, which was flying at high levels. But this unit is the most reliable, which was in a small aircraft. Once I was told of one case, which occurred in one of the sport airfields as experienced pilots were able to land successfully with the engine off. Besides, this is the only biplane in the world, which the rudder and the whole left side is equipped with trimmers. I never understood those who do not like this plane, as all inventions Antonova unpretentious and can sit there, where others can not. Huge respect to the creators of the aircraft.

I think-2 An excellent aircraft. I remember 1987 year, when I was a kid and it was the first time I flew it on this machine. Then I was scared and I was like a frightened kitten clung to their parents. What I can say? I guess that during take-off appears the terrible tinnitus, but after the plane takes off, you feel all the charm of a flight. I believe that each unit Antonova unpretentious, so landing pilots choose not particularly necessary, as such aircraft as the AN-2 can sit where many other planes will not be possible.