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Antonov An-10


An-10 - Soviet model of medium-haul passenger aircraft, which was developed under the direction of DC Antonov.

History of An-10

Create a new 4-motor passenger plane An-10, designed for use on aircraft lines up from the 500 2 thousand. Km, began in the late 1955, in accordance with the government on November 30 1955 involves the use of TV-20 engines and NC -4. Protection of conceptual design in May 1956 years. Model airplane was approved five months.


March 7 1957, the first airplane flew. Crew led Frenkel Wernicke navigator - PV Cat, copilot - VA Shevchenko, mechanic - AV Kalinichin, chief engineer - AP Eskin, bortelektrik - ID Yevtushenko. Departures from the airport occurred in Svyatoshino (Kyiv Aviation Plant). At the military airfield in Borispol aircraft landed. In June 1957 year held the first public demonstration of the An-10, after which the aircraft recommended for serial production.

The first technical flight machine perform 27 April 1959 the city, and a month later held a promotional flight. An-10, it is estimated that at the time was one of the most cost-effective: the cost of transportation of passengers 1 was much smaller than the Tu-104A. This is primarily due to large passenger capacity. Use of the aircraft "Aeroflot" began in July 22 1959 city on the route Moscow - Simferopol.


With 1957 1960 for years. It produces a single machine operator - "Aeroflot". 108 aircraft were produced. They made a series of 26: 10 6 on machines and on 16 3. The fuselage is almost completely coincides with the fuselage of An-12. The main difference - part of the plane is made as a passenger cabin. In the middle of the fuselage instead of the cargo compartment is a passenger compartment. As for the front, it is almost identical to the front of the plane An-12. Airtight crew cabin separated from the passenger compartment germopereborkoy. An-10 has been designed in such a way that in case of war could be reconstructed into a cargo plane, which almost looked like the An-12. One copy of the reality of the An-10 was transformed into a cargo plane as an experiment.

After the crash occurred An-10A March 18 1972, the operation of the aircraft stopped. To investigate the circumstances and causes of accidents, evaluation of the program operation and the production of AN-10 called a state commission, which was headed by NS Build. It also included representatives of OKB-153, TsAGI EDO-156, OKB-240, «Aeroflot». They concluded that the accident occurred due to the destruction of the fuselage.

An-10 video

The culprit was considered one of the founders - EA Shahatuni who approached the issue of strength is critical. According to them, the car did not have the required level of reliability because all testing conducted in SibNIIA, but there was extensive testing at TsAGI, which is engaged in product purge and Tupolev Ilyushin. So, it was not studied the stresses of landing, take-off, climb, braking and jogging. February 5 1971, was issued an opinion on the strength, it has established a safe level of operation of aircraft modifications in the form of thousands 20. 12 hours and thousands. Landings. In general, the Commission's opinion on the future of the aircraft vary greatly.

Version with destruction-cast components was confirmed at the time when the CB were two AN-10A. Then test and subsequent strategic 148 flight showed that the elements of the fuselage, which became the cause of the accident, remained in one piece, and their destruction was only through 103 flight.


Order of the Ministry of 27 1972 August We were written off from the 40 67 aircraft, as well as discontinued operation in the "Aeroflot" An-10. November 5 1972 city 25 aircraft was transferred to the production company for the freight after making the necessary changes in the design. Such changes in 1973 were produced only by the three planes, and in 1974 g An-10 stop flying. Most of the cars were disposed of, and the rest received as exhibits in museums and textbooks in universities. Another part of them turned into a children's theater (Kiev, Samara, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Novocherkassk, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh). One of the decommissioned aircraft in Kharkov was the hall of slot machines, in Krivoy Rog cockpit became open for tours.

Prior to 1980-x, in the Soviet Air Force several AN-10 continue to operate (particularly in Tula, at the airport Klokovo).

The results of operation of An-10

Aircraft An-10 1971 a year transported more than 1,2 million tons of cargo and more 35 million passengers. Thus, they were able to take first place in passenger traffic in the Soviet Union. Over the entire period of operation for various reasons occurred 12 disasters and accidents, 370 people died. And the exploited and developed at the same time IL-18 (from 1959 1973 of the city) - 51 disaster or accident and died 1359 people.


An-10 when it operated in much more difficult conditions. In the book, VA Moses tells the story of an unnamed aeroflotovtsem NS Trunchenkovu, chief of the design department: "Machines of exactly the same class of IL-18, sit on qualitative ground. In this case, the likelihood of unpleasant situations less and, if necessary, you can do something to help. And your AN-10 we drive on all holes and fear, where it leads. " Later in the book cites the case of the airplane landing on the broken dirt ground, dried after the rain, "is strongly reminiscent of a plate; feared for his teeth and tongue. "


Experience in the operation and development of the aircraft played a key role in the future work of the bureau and the production of transport aircraft An-12.

An-10 characteristics:

Modification An-10
Wingspan, m 38.00
Aircraft Length m 34.00
Height, m 9.83
Wing area, m2 121.73
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 31614
maximum take-off 51000
fuel 10780
Type of engine 4 TMD AI-20A
Power, hp X 4 4000
Maximum speed km / h  
on high 675
near the ground 520
Preregonochnaya range, km 4000
Practical range, km 2000
Practical ceiling, m 10000
Crew 5
Payload: 132 100 passengers or parachutists or 12000 kg of cargo



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Errors in the article. First Shahatuni Elizabeth Avetovna she and not he. Engineer and aircraft designer, doctor of technical sciences, professor. The winner of the Lenin Prize (1962). The second wife of designer Oleg Antonov. Second crash near Kharkov, which was discontinued after the operation of the AN-10 18 not occurred March 1972, 18 and 1972 May.

Nothing bad can be said about airplanes Antonov Design Bureau. They can only admire. Since aviation is a hobby for me, I am happy to read this article and learned a few interesting facts.