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Airbus A330-800 Neo
Airbus A330-800 Neo

Airbus A330-800 Neo. Photo. Characteristics.



Such as the aircraft manufacturing giant Airbus has really surprised all his fans, providing the international air show in Farnborough new model of passenger aircraft under the name of Airbus A330-800 Neo. At first glance it may seem that the plane is just another of the many versions already, but it is not so, because the new airliner has a whole new set of characteristics that can develop modern aviation.

Passenger airliner Airbus A330-800 Neo was unveiled in July 14 2014 year during the air show in Farnborough. The new aircraft almost immediately gained interest as this giant aircraft manufacturing customers, and newcomers to this because after the demonstration of the new Airbus A330-800 Neo was concluded several contracts for the supply of this type of aircraft. The features of the new aircraft is really quite a lot, and because of them, from the Airbus aircraft manufacturing there is a real opportunity to become a leader in this field. The first passenger airliner Airbus A330-800 Neo has a new engine Rolls Royce Trent 7000, which compared to the previous generation engine consumes 14% less fuel, and secondly, pollution reduced by 21%. In addition, the new engines produce less noise and are more reliable, at least, that's what its developers said.

It is expected that the new airliner Airbus A330-800 Neo will have to replace already rather outdated Airbus A330-200and the number of seats in the airplane will remain the same, designed for taking on board 253 passengers.

Mass production of aircraft Airbus A330-800 Neo is planned in 2018 year, which by the standards of the aviation world is very, very soon.


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