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Airports retain personal data of Russians in the country
Airports retain personal data of Russians in the country

Airports retain personal data of Russians in the country


October 30 46-th Moscow international conference "Peculiarities of airports during periods of mass transportation," the company Zamar AG introduced innovative development - platform sharing "Universal Departure Platform Solution" UDPS. UDPS significantly increases the autonomy of the airport and provides a smooth operation even without a connection to the Internet. Due to the location of the server and technical support in the Russian Federation is excluded dependence on foreign companies and keep the law on the conservation of personal data of Russians in the country.

Platform sharing UDPS (Universal Departure Platform Solution), is an analog platform CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment). The system is designed on the basis of a local IT center of Zamar AG and takes into account the specifics and peculiarities of the Russian IT industry.

UDPS system installed at the airport, and does not depend on the primary server: enough for the smooth operation of the local server connection to servers used by DCS. The main server and data channels, with which the program installation and technical support, located on the territory of the Russian Federation, which allows you to save the personal data of Russians in the country. "Our software localization in the Russian market covers not only the technological aspect, the company" Zamara Russia "plans to expand its activities in the territory of the Russian Federation, including to invest in Aviation IT development of a new generation" - says Zafar Kabila regional director for CIS companies Zamar AG .

The system works on the conventional AEA protocol does not require special software, and can be integrated with any existing equipment at airports. "We designed our system so that the transition to it was as simple and comfortable and takes a minimum of time and cost. Thus, the airport can have time to go to the new system before the entry into force of the law on personal data protection of Russians (242-FZ). Reserve an autonomous system (module RAS) - removes the dependence airport systems on the Internet, which is especially important for regional airports with poor communications infrastructure "- says Zafar Kabila.

In addition to software, the company presented a unique hardware solutions. Individual equipment - MOBILE DCS - «Mobile airport." The equipment is a mobile unit consisting of portable reception and rack the gate. "The solution is ideal for the organization of the transfer counter in a transit area for non-equipped airports, for the registration of certain categories of passengers outside the airport (delegations, groups and others.), To serve the business aviation. Larger airports may use this module in case of various failures of stationary racks. Also, the "Mobile Airport" - an ideal solution for small airports, our system will reveal the enormous potential for the development of regional passenger traffic, "- says Zafar Kabila.


Справка о компании

JSC "Zamara" was established in 2007 in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2008 year opened a regional office for the CIS countries, as well as scientific and technical software center in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The main activity - development and implementation of modern software for airlines and airports.

The company offers a full range of technology solutions to airlines, airports, Handling Agents:

  • Own development UDPS - Universal Departure Platform Solution
  • WEB BASED modern system of registration of passengers and baggage "NIKADCS"
  • Modern balancing system WEB BASED aircraft "NIKA W & B"
  • Modern WEB BASED booking system "CRANEPAX"
  • The modern system of frequent flyer "LOYALTY"



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