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Airport - Arthur Hailey
Aviation and literature
Airport - Arthur Hailey

Airport -Arthur Hailey


"Airport" -Great creation of the famous American writer, author of many detective Arthur Hailey. This novel tells the story of Hailey airport life: the Staff of the different mechanisms of operation that exist as a single slozhnyyorganizm of services that meet zarabotu airport, passenger and all those who, one way or another has to do with the airport. In general, that, anyway, directly or indirectly associated with the sense of the airport.

Hailey airport

Haley managed to create a number of parallel storylines that harmoniously complement drugdruga.V novel describes the life of the airport, but rather a particular day, though an ordinary day it can not be named: one of the planes penetrate terrorist, and operates the IED. The plane, which suffers bedstvieneobhodimo urgently land, but do not vozmozhnoiz for a violent snow storm in the airport area. In addition to all the difficulties manifest themselves in the form of air traffic controllers, who barely cope with the huge volume of work, hundreds of angry passengers delayed flights, and share protestaprozhivayuschih arranged in the immediate vicinity of the residents against the unbearable noise, which publishes the plane takes off only exacerbates the already difficult situatsiyu.V books It describes very well the work of the airport, while the author saves readers from unnecessary complex technical details.

It also describes the characters perfectly: each character has its ownunlike the other characters, and the characters are not divided into 100% on the positive and the negative, all have their pros and cons. This is another advantage of the novel: all as in real life, there is no absolute good or bad people. The plot of the novel develops rapidly, and each chapter ends on the intriguing point that keeps constantly in tension and want to quickly start the next chapter. It saved intrigue, and it is not clear whether the stories have a happy ending until the very end of the novel. The author manages to give a touch of tragedy in the climax of the novel, at the time of landing of the aircraft attempts, from the description of these deystviyprobegayut goosebumps.

It should also be said about the book appearance, since it is no secret that the beautiful "packaging", the greater the chance that it will buy. Hardback, dense pages of excellent quality, a large readable font.


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In 90-years "Airport" was very populyaren.Imet this novel in the library dreaming of a home (you can tell-all) because they all lived in one breath in one was the dream of many poryve.Imet good home library!