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Aermacchi MB-326. Photo. Characteristics.
Aermacchi MB-326. Photo. Characteristics.

Aermacchi MB-326. Photo. Characteristics.



A type: single-engine jet training aircraft, attack

Crew: Two pilots are arranged one behind the other, or one pilot (in the embodiment stormovik)

Designed by engineer Ermanno Bazzochi in 1954, the aircraft CF-326 straight-wing became the most successful creation of the Italian company "Aermacchi» (Aermacchi), he remained in production until the beginning of 1980-ies. Two first prototype flew in December 1957 years. The aircraft have a robust, but not at maximum capacity, turbojet engine "Viper» (Viper) of "Rolls-Royce". Italian Air Force ordered 15 pre-production aircraft with the subsequent flight tests and was soon ordered another 85 production aircraft. The first of them came into operation in February,

1962 year. Suitable for all levels of flight training of pilots for military jet aircraft CF-326 widespread as the air force around the world moved from the piston trainer aircraft of the Second World War on the jet with performance characteristics as in combat aircraft. In addition to those aircraft, which the company Aermacchi delivered to customers in Africa and South America, the license was also built aircraft in Australia 97, 251 plane to South Africa and 182 aircraft in Brazil. The total number of aircraft was built 761 instance, the last CF-326 was built by "Embraer» (Embraer) in February 1983 years.

It was built for a number of single and double versions, capable of carrying weapons on six underwing hardpoints. Today, many aircraft CF-326 replaced in the operation of the other jet and turboprop training aircraft. A small number of aircraft "McKee» (Macchi) were sold to civilians and organizations, mainly in the US.

Basic data


Length: 10,64 m

Wingspan: 10,85 m

Height: 3,72 m

Power point: "Viper» 20 Mk 540 company "Rolls-Royce"

Power: 15,17 kN

The weight:

  • BLANK: 2558 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 5216 kg


Date of first flight:

  • 10 декабря 1957 года


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 867 km / h
  • Range: 1850 km


The surviving airworthy modifications in the hands of civilians:

  • CF-326B / E / F / H / K / L / M, MB-326GB, «Atlas Impala» (Atlas Impala) and "Embraer" T-26 / AT-26 «Xavante» (Xavante)




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