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Antonov An-14


An-14 - Soviet light transport airplane, which was to replace the An-2, performed its first flight in the spring of 1958 years. An-14 was capable of short takeoff and landing, and was designed for use with unprepared ground sites.

The aircraft is equipped with two radial piston engines AI-14RF (Ivchenko). It would be stable in flight. They could run pilots of low and medium qualification, the last few hours of training. Basically, the Soviet Air Force operated as a coherent plane.


In 1965 year started its mass production, which lasted up to 1972 years. He never managed to replace the An-2, 340 was created only aircraft. It is worth noting that on the basis of AN-14 was designed AN-28, which is still produced in Poland Aviation Plant "PZL-Mielec". At its base in Ukraine it was built An-38.

Last machine, restored from a museum exhibit, took off from the airfield ispytatelskoy aircraft factory «Progress» 9 1999 December, during the flight, making care to alternate aerodromes in severe weather conditions, the aircraft wing touched the trees and crashed. On board were the elite seaside air.


Antonov Design Bureau in the early 1950-ies. start designing aircraft short takeoff and landing (STOL). First there was the An-14. Such aircraft were developed several pieces. Projects aircraft "Bee" and SLE still remained on paper, although the TsAGI and Air Force were approved. "Each of the planes own destiny. Some made it easy to have universal acceptance, while others manage to get through only with great difficulty ", - says the chief designer of DC Antonov. It refers to the second, and the An-14 «Bee". The name he gave oversized universal aircraft designed for agriculture.

None of the aircraft, the Antonov Design Bureau created in, does not have such a thorny path as the An-14. None of his project has not undergone many major changes like this cozy little plane. Of all the designers he alone for many years created the planes, which were not linked to such costly and complex construction as the airfield. Work was conducted under the control of AJ Belolipetskii in accordance with the decree of the USSR Council of Ministers, from the 24 May 1956 city Once the project "Bee" has been completed, the new management decided to increase the number of seats to seven. Originally created 3 machines that are certain differences between them.

An-14 cabin

March 14 1958-14 years Ahn made its first flight under the control of VN Izgeyma, an experienced test pilot. The first machine was tested at the factory tests. It was equipped with stabilizers straight rectangular metal keels and three-blade propeller. The second car has a two-bladed wooden propeller, as well as stabilizer having camber 9 degrees. At the tail of the third aircraft had a large hatch, which was used for pouring chemicals and supplies for agricultural activities. OK. Antonov as an experiment outlined on the map 68 settlements without learning whether they have the site for planting. The pilot was instructed to land on AN-14 in every village, no further than 200-300 meters from the edge of the village. For 3 flight he was able to visit all the settlements and fulfill its mission.


An-14 was demonstrated Defense Minister Rodion Malinowski. For the first time looked at the car, Marshall made a joke: "Yes, judging by the size, it is not" Bee, "but the real Pchelishte. Let's see how it will show itself in the case. " With a group of generals on board the aircraft made low mileage and rose into the air. After flying non-durable and report on An-14 Minister said: "An excellent plane, it must be run in a series." Thus, the aircraft received the right to full-scale production. After extensive testing and rework, compared to the first model, it has changed a lot. Prototypes have become the basis for the creation of another production version - AN-14A. In addition, based on it was released several prototypes.

An-14 characteristics:

Modification An-14A
Wingspan, m 21.99
Aircraft Length m 11.36
Height, m 4.63
Wing area, m2 39.72
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 2600
normal takeoff 3450
maximum take-off 3630
Domestic fuel l 383
engine's type 2 PD Progress (Ivchenko) AI-14RF
Power, hp X 2 300
Maximum speed km / h 222
Cruising speed, km / h 175
Ferry range, km 680
Practical range, km 470
Practical ceiling, m 5000
Crew 1 + 1
Payload: 6-7 720 passengers or cargo kg



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I did not find the information about how much they were all released? And why from them so quickly they decided to get rid of? Really there was no prospect of modernization? It is particularly interesting to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the aircraft. I hope for a competent opinion. I will be grateful.