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Antonov An-124. A photo. Characteristics.



An-124 «Ruslan" (product «400», NATO code: Condor) - transport heavy long-range aircraft engineering design bureau to them. Antonov.

The plane created by the aerodynamic configuration four-engine turbojet vysokoplana having swept wings and single-fin tail aircraft engines equipped with D-18T JSC "Motor Sich". There are two decks: the cargo cabin on the lower deck; cabin attendants to 21 people, the cabin relief crew, crew cabin on the upper deck. The total volume of cargo cabin 1050 sq.m.

Initially, the AN-124 «Ruslan" created just for military purposes: transportation of a mobile launcher intercontinental ballistic missile (MZKT tractor-79221), air transport personnel, transportation of heavy equipment. In addition to this goal, a secondary task is transportation of large, non-standard and oversized cargo.

en-124 photo

For the respective technical level "product 400» (An initial encrypted name-124) Soviet engineers developed the PCC - the complex target program. It was designed to modernize the efficiency of aircraft, namely the increase in aerodynamic performance, weight perfection, improvement in strength, accelerating maintenance and repair. That PCC-124 substantiated foundation for the creation of "Ruslan".

The scientific work of different structural branches were supplied a lot of tasks to address the optimal characteristics of the aircraft. electronics developers were involved, engine makers, metallurgists, leading scientists TsAGI, the master of machine tools and many others. Computers checked about 540 possible aircraft models. Because of this, many breakthroughs have been made in the aircraft industry: created unique panel wings to 28 meters long, large fuselage panels developed structural materials with enhanced properties designed fasteners vysokoresursnyh. As a result, the quality cruising aerodynamics increased by 20%, return weight increased by 10-15%, navigation accuracy has increased four-fold, and most importantly, fuel consumption decreased by 15% in engines.

en-124 2 photo

In December 1982 24 year was made the first flight of the prototype in Kiev. On the arms of the USSR aviation aircraft arrived in January 87 years. He flew the team of test pilots (VI Terek and AV Galunenko), flight engineers (AM Schuleschenko and V. Vorotnikov), radio operator (MA Tupchienko), navigator ( Poddubny AP). Total built 56 aviamashin. Chief designer of the project was VI Tolmachev. Serial production has been deployed at the Ulyanovsk APK JSC "Aviastar" and KiAPO.

An-124 - it's long-range heavy transport aircraft. He was able to return to the Soviet Union in the field of advanced space transport aircraft. It should be noted that in 1985 year's "Ruslan» 21 world record was set. And in the m 87-sixth day of May the crew VI The Terek beat old and set a new world record for distance flight in a closed route.

Operation of the aircraft began in 1986 year. Aeroflot mostly used it for routes to Siberia, namely transportation of goods to large development oil and gas fields. Nowadays, AN-124 used two Russian regiments BTA, which 26 copies, and six airlines of Ukraine and Russia.

en-124 3 photo

In October 2006, the special committee on cooperation between Ukraine and Russia, it was decided to continue the An-124 project. In August of the following year it was signed agreement on a batch production. It was agreed that until 2030 the company "Volga-Dnepr" will get more than a hundred-equipped AN-124-100-150M. In 13-th year of planned delivery of the first two instances. In 2008 year in June, the KLA finished preparation of a business plan the resumption of production of "Ruslan". In the midst of 2014, it was announced that due to the deterioration of the political situation and the diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia to further cooperation in the aircraft industry is not appropriate. Overall development of the AN-124 «Ruslan" has been completely suspended.

The structure of the AN-124 «Ruslan»

The basis of the scheme is taken turbojet four-engine plane with the presence of swept wings and single-fin tail. Mounted aircraft engines D-18T. It consists of two decks. Lower is the cargo cabin (total - 1050 m³), ​​while the upper is divided into the cockpit, removable cockpit crew and attendants (capacity - up to 21 people).

For normalized and stable flight "Ruslan" specialized fasteners and reinforced the critical norm of the wing have been developed. All this provides FBWCS (wire system) and established for the first time on a plane nemanevrenny computing equipment.

en-124 5 photo

24 wheel located on the multishelf chassis provides the use of the aircraft on unpaved runways. You can change the angle of the entire fuselage, and changed the parking clearance. These abilities are necessary for more efficient cargo handling.

Cargo compartments are sealed. Ahead posted crew cabin, recreation department and the booth attendants. The main objective of the on-board equipment is to assist in the performance of transport and landing tasks, regardless of the day time, weather conditions, availability of enemy air defenses, and direct involvement of her. For on-board equipment includes sighting and navigation piloting systems, transport and landing equipment, a special set of links.

Antonov An-124 used to perform the tasks of NATO, although it is listed in the service with the Russian Air Force.

Also of note is the presence of additional modifications in this plane. For specific operations, it has on-board mobile cranes (BOD) that can lift a weight of up to 20 tons and mooring equipment. monocargo Maximum weight without authorization reaches 50 tons.

UNITY provides a centralized system. This occurs particularly under pressure and four neck, they are in the left and right landing gear pods. Another possible variant of filling by gravity through two filler openings, they are located on the upper part of the left and right wing panels.

An-124 440 able to carry around a paratrooper or about 880 soldier in full ammunition. But because of the experiments it was decided to impose restrictions 1989 year as originally it was not taken into the calculations aerodynamic factors.

en-124 6 photo

Existing modification

  1. "The product 400» - first encrypted the name of the plane, was used during the design and manufacturing.

  2. An-124 - the original model of military transport sample

  3. An-124-100 - commercial sample transport aircraft

  4. An-124-100M - a special modification for the An-124-100, including the availability of improved onboard REO

  5. An-124-100-150M - the same modification, but the crew was reduced from six to four, and the load raised to 150 tons.

At present, the future fate of the plane is not only connected with air transportation, but also with the space program. This refers to the use of "Ruslan" as a launch platform for the launch of the air carrier rockets weighing up to three tons.

Initially, An-124 envisaged as a basic model for a lot of modifications. The main options are cargo transport and tanker aircraft. Due to the positive outlook for commercial transportation "Ruslan" began to transform into the passenger version, able to carry more than 800 people at a distance of ten thousand kilometers. And this project could be implemented, but there was no need to create it.

en-124 7 photo

At the moment, there is only one ex-military aircraft modified for commercial traffic - AN-124-100. ASTC and "Aviastar" after certification testing received the Certificate of Airworthiness.

Plane Crash

During a test flight in the territory of Ukraine (Kiev region, the village Kodra) crashed AN-124. This was the year 13.10.1992. Due to a number of negative factors, including a collision with a bird on takeoff, the plane crashed in the forest. Killed eight test pilots. In 93 was crew error led to the tragedy. Do not read the instructions required for planting in specific areas "Ruslan" crashed into a mountain near the city of Kerman. Eighth 1996 October, near the Turin crashed AN-124. The reason was a mistake of the crew and some flaws in the design.

The most large-scale tragedy was an accident in Irkutsk 97 years. The plane crashed on houses. In addition to the loss of the An-124 and two Su-27, killing large numbers of people. By plane crash resulted in the refusal of three engines and a violation of the rules of takeoff weight.



Antonov An-124 photo

Antonov An-124 photo


Multishelf chassis which is equipped with wheels 24 allows aircraft to operate from unpaved lanes, as well as to change the angle of inclination of the fuselage and the parking ground clearance, which facilitates handling of loading operations

Complex transport amphibious equipment, on-board computer-aided control of a technical condition of the equipment and systems on 1000 points, two auxiliary power plant with turbine pumps and electric generators supplying stand-alone use. The peculiarity of the aircraft structure - the presence of two cargo hatches in the aft and forward fuselage, which speeds up and simplifies processes unloading and loading of goods.


Antonov An-124 21 photo

Antonov An-124 photo


Sealed cargo bay. Above it is the cabin crew, passenger and cabin crew rest compartment for attendants. On-board equipment designed for the execution of amphibious-transport problem day and night, in the complex and simple weather conditions at countering enemy air defense, prolonged isolation from the airport of the main home and includes a standard set of communication, the flight sighting and navigation system, transport and landing equipment (allowed landing only landing method). An aircraft-124 vozduschnyh is armed forces of Russia, but is used for maintenance tasks of NATO. Aircraft used for military transport for NATO units in Afghanistan and parts of Central Asia and the Persian Gulf (for transportation of anti-aircraft missile complex "Patriot").


Antonov An-124 cabin

Antonov An-124 cabin


The aircraft is equipped with unloading loading equipment, on-board mobile cranes (BOD), total capacity up to 20 tons without special permission monocargo permit to carry weight up to 50 tons. The aircraft is equipped with a system of centralized fueling under pressure through the filling neck 4, which are located in the left and right main landing gear pods. More likely to refill gravity through 2 filler cap located on the upper parts of the left and right wing panels.


Antonov An-124 chassis photo

Antonov An-124 chassis photo


An-124 able to take on board paratrooper 440 880 soldiers or with the whole outfit. But experiments begun in 1989 year to reset the mannequins parachutists from the plane was forced to introduce people to parachute landing restrictions, which are caused by aerodynamic factors.

Attempts to resume serial production of AN-124

Committee on Economic Cooperation of the Russian-Ukrainian commission in October 2006, decided to continue the project, with a view to the resumption of series production. The company "Volga-Dnepr" is going to 2030 years to buy up to one hundred modernized AN-124-100M-150. This supply accounts for two cars 2013 year.

Ernst & Young and United Aircraft Corporation in June of 2008 We completed the development of a business plan for the resumption of the release of An-124. For the start of production in accordance with this document, it took receive an order confirmation is not less than forty cars. According to Viktor Livanov, a board member of the KLA, now there is a demand for aircraft and up to 2030 city airlines need 71 liner. If the order will get enough, the car will be produced at "Aviastar" since 2012 was on 1-2 liner per year. However, there are 2 unfinished glider who plan to complete construction. Soon his removal five cars from the order of the Ministry of Defense. At the time, the cost of An-124 - $ 150-160 million.


From the Ministry of Defence received orders for cars (three aircraft) and on the aviation companies "Volga-Dnepr" (forty aircraft).

Market volume - 82 machine. To date, there are options on the car 61, 52 and are going to buy Russian. Also include the number of clients was named Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Dmytro Kiva, President of CB "Antonov», 29 September, said the company, along with US Aerospace allowed to tender US Department of Defense for the supply of aircraft, the total amount of which 50 billion. At the tender was submitted 3 different model airplanes: An-122-COP AN-124-COP and the An-112-COP. As a result of KB "Antonov" was chosen at the tender in the first round.

Vyacheslav Boguslayev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Motor Sich", July 20 2011 was said that the recovery program of AN-124 at the aircraft plant "Aviastar-SP" was postponed for a year 2016.

Ukraine and Russia in July 12 2013 was agreed (at the level of Prime Ministers) on the formation of a joint venture for the production of AN-124-100. And at the end of the month it was reported that an aircraft factory resumed production of the An-124.

Vladimir Shamanov, commander of the Airborne Forces, in early August, the 2013 stated needs Airborne in aircraft such as the Antonov-124. However, he noted that the construction of the aircraft is already underway in Ulyanovsk.

An-124 cabin

Following the meeting of the interstate commission D. Manturov (Minister of Trade and Industry) and M. Korolenko in the presence of Viktor Yanukovych and Vladimir Putin signed an agreement on the implementation of the act of state support for the serial production of AN-124, equipped with engine D-18T, and modifications. It is worth noting that the issue of resumption of the release of An-124 will have a positive decision only if it is possible to form a portfolio of orders that fully pay for all costs.

Yuri Slyusarev, Deputy Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, 15 2014 of August, said that a joint Russian-Ukrainian project due to the political situation is irrelevant, as well as other joint projects in aircraft.

For example, modernization and repair of aircraft An-124 in Russia is now being only at the "Aviastar-SP".


Features of the AN-124

  • Crew: 8 people. (Assistant commander, the commander, the senior flight engineer, flight engineer at JSC, navigator, 2 operator razgruzocho- loading operations, radio operator)

  • Passenger capacity: 28chel.

  • Capacity: 120000kg

  • Length: 69,1m

  • Wingspan: 73,3m

  • Height: 21,08m

  • Wing area: 628kv.m.

  • The highest take-off weight: 392000kg

  • The weight of fuel in internal tanks: 212350kg (maximum)

  • Mass returns: 58 percent

  • Powerplant: 4 × turbofan D-18T

  • Link: 4 × 229,85 kN (23430 kgs)

  • Auxiliary Power Unit: 2 × GTE TA-12

  • Assigned resource: 45 years; 10000 typical flight; 50000 flight hours

  • Length of cargo cabin: 36,5m

  • Width of cargo cabin: 6,4m

  • The height of the cargo compartment: 4,4m

  • The volume of the cargo compartment: 1050kv.m.

  • Size of cargo hatches:

    • Front: 6,4h4,4m

    • Rear: 6,4h4,4m

  • Maximum speed: 865km / h

  • Cruising speed: 800-850km / h

  • Range: 4800km

  • Maximum height: 11600m

  • Wing loading: 365kg / sq.m.

  • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 0,41

An-124 video

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